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Clothes shoes, etc. that fit Narae and Narin? Please list!

Nov 10, 2005

    1. There doesn't seem to be a list specifically for Narae, and I'm betting I'm just one of a large new batch of soon-to-be-owners wondering what all fits. Narin too! So if you know of specific items and brands that will fit, please post them! I know some Tyler fashions will fit, but which specifically? What about pieces from the Teen Trends or Friends 2B Made lines? What shoes fit? I know Narae wears a 6/7 wig and 12mm eyes, so if you have links to sites with good selections in those sizes, that'd be helpful too!
      I found a few bits of info in some of the threads, but I'm hoping this can be a nice, easier to navigate thread for everyone. :chibi
    2. I have both Narins and I have found that the Luts MSD shoes fit great. Also, the Tonner's Matt clothes fit the boy. I love the stretch cap wigs (they stay on) and most size 7's fit both dolls. The Tonner Kitty 18" clothes look beautiful on Narae. Some of the Franklin Mint 17" doll items fit both of them. The Mark Twain white suit looks stunning on Narin although if you put stacked shoes on him - the pants look short. The Hopscotch Hill clothes fit Narae..the waist is a bit big - but look cute on her.
      Hope that helps...Jo
    3. Wigs~ Size 6.5 Leekeworld wigs fit my Narae and Narin perfectly, as do any 6-7 wigs from other makers. 7-8 has proven to be too large to use.

      Shoes for Narae~ The shoes sold by Luts for Unoa (now for Mini Fee's) fit my Narae - a little long in the toe, but that means stockings fit under, which is nice - and she still wears them without, too. I have the purple ankle-high boots that lace over an open area in front...can't remember the name, sorry. Then the Luts for kid delf shoes - I have the brown and pink tassel straps - they fit her perfectly. Teen Trends shoes fit - I especially like the silver ones that come with the light blue dress - I cut off the ankle straps and use them for everything for her. Because they're rubbery, they stick nicely against smooth surfaces, making standing poses very stable. The boot shoes from Teen Trends need to be cut up the back, from what I hear, and can be difficult to get off, due to sticking. I'm not sure if a little talcum powder might help that, but I will be trying it.

      Clothes for Narae~ Teen Tends clothes (tops and dresses) fit nicely, except the pants. I espcially like the light blue dressy dress...it's so pretty on her, and fits like a dream. The bathrobe set is adorable - but I haven't tried it on yet. So cute, though! Friends2BMade (Build A Bear line) clothes fit, again except for most of the pants. I did find capri length pants from their line that fit, but all the jeans I tried do not. The tops and skirts fit - the skirts can be too large, but pinning or adding snaps can take care of that problem. Most Tonner (Tyler line/Brenda Starr) and Gene tops (with armholes large enough for her hands) fit really well - very pretty on her. I also have used dresses from both lines. The lilac nightgown set fits perfectly. I also have a lovely nightgown and robe from the 18 inch Kitty line (Tonner) that fits loosely - I pin it tighter and will eventually move the straps, when I find my pale yellow thread! Franklin Mint - some fit nicely - most notably the riding outfit for the Elven Princess, Laurel. Fits like a dream (pants do not snap in back). I've ordered a Mini Fee outfit from Luts, which hopefully will come in a week or so, and I'll let you know if that fits. Their measurements don't match up exactly, and the waist is off, which always causes problems, but we'll see. I've also ordered Unoa-sized jeans from Cheery Doll, and I'll let you know how they fit. They should fit fine.

      Shoes and clothes for Narin~ Matt (Tonner) shoes fit him. Matt clothes fit him perfectly. I assume Basil St.John clothes (the Brenda Starr line, from Effanbee/Tonner) will fit too. Trent (Ashton Drake Gene line) shirts and sweaters fit. I haven't tried Trents pants yet.

      That's all I can think of for now! I'll add more as it comes to me... I'm really looking forward to seeing everyones Naraes and Narins!! :daisy
    4. I have a knit sweater from eBay made to fit Tonner, and it fits great~! You can see her body blusing under it tho :blush A handmade skirt came with it too, and it's pretty tight. But she's wearing her undies under it, so that could be a factor ^_^;; Panty line~ MSD wigs from Dollheart do NOT fit, but I like it anyways ^_^;;
    5. Be careful of some of the shoes and clothes from Teen Trends..thay can stain the doll. At least when I pulled pants and shoes off one of the Teen Trend dolls it had stained the TT doll. Perhaps it would not stain the higher quality of Narin Co dolls? I also find the shoes too tight on my Narae.
      The luts shoes Kid Delf fit great and so many styels. They are a great company to purchase from. Also, I have ordered from happy doll..the Scottish outfit..looks super on both dolls ant the shoes are to die for!
    6. Teen Trends are vinyl dolls; vinyl stains more easily than resin.

      I'd still wash any dark colored clothing before my doll wore it for a month, but I'm rather paranoid.

      Ann in CT
    7. In what way do the pants not fit? Too big? Too small?
    8. Luts mini-fee outfit fits Narae! Hooray! :)
    9. Sorry - too tight!
    10. Has anyone put their Narae in Leeke shoes? They are a few pairs that I like but I have no idea if she could wear the msd size or not. Does anyone know?
    11. Hey everyone, I tried my custom made Sharmin clothes on my 43cm Narae.
      Most of the outfits I have are very fitted on Sharmin and...I'm sorry to say they do not fit Narae. I think the loose fitting clothes would fit. Narae's chest is just a little bit bigger than Sharmins and her hips are too.

    12. Just wanted to let you guys know I bought the Elin set for mini fee and the dress will not zip all the way up. I still think it looks cute on Vasti but I wouldn't show the back.
    13. Hey,
      groovy girl stuff fits, the tops do most of the time, the pants are a bit short but sometimes look alright.
      I'm not sure about the skirts, I'm guessing since Narae is slim that the skirts would fit, but I wouldn't spend money on it yet until someone tries it, I probably will soon.
    14. Yes! :) Here's a pic of the pink maryjanes on Narae...

    15. I've got a pair, they're a little big on her but they fit great with socks. I'll try to take some pics tonight. ^^
    16. Alexander fairchild {by madam alexander} the outfit I bought was a sleeveless sweater and skirt set the skirt didn't fit it was too small but the top fit great

      Groovy girl clothes- some things fit, the tops fit but are really tight and show a bit too much in the nipple area.I have one dress that fits and one thats too tight.

      Friends2bmade-everything I've gotten fromthem fits great! and it's super cheap! an outfit is like 10 bucks

      Teen trends -fits pretty good!
    17. oh and 14inch Madame alexander doll clothes will fit narae. I've found some great fairy dresses this way. Some time soon I'll get around to taking pics of my narae in different clothes.
    18. the matt o'neil clothes might fit... but they're just so corny looking... i hate to say. he dresses like a realtor.

      i ordered an MSD sized outfit from dollmore.com at tanya's suggestion. their clothes are a bit more reasonably priced than some of the other places and since Narin's a boy he can get away with a baggier look (the top i got is actually intended for girls so it might have a slimmer fit?).

      you'll see how it looks when he arrives... whenever he arrives.