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Clothes&Shoes for Hypermaniac Choyangbi, Kakiva and Eujquv

Mar 7, 2010

    1. I think it would be useful to post informations of what clothes and shoes fit Hypermaniac Choyangbi, Kakiva and Eujquv dolls. Msd clothes are way to little and SD clothes sometimes too large.

      I found only a thread about shoes, so I though to open a new one for clothes too.
    2. My friend just bought an Hypermaniac Ishta--is she the same size as these? She's in dire need of clothes & shoes as well.
    3. No, Ishta is MUCH larger. Choyangbi, Kakiva and Eujquv are halfway between SD and MSD size.
    4. Oh dear! Well, thanks so much for that info. I don't know what to tell her now. I'll keep searching the threads.
    5. Following this thread; I could use this information too!