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Clothes that Fit Alice Cherry Blossom?

Oct 13, 2008

    1. I tried doing a search, but couldn't find any information about clothing that fits the piggies. Can anybody tell me what types of generic doll clothes would fit? ;)
    2. Bump! I'm still curious.

      So far I have heard:
      Pocketfairy clothes and Kelly shoes.
    3. Some Blythe/Pullip sized clothing fits, obviously they're a -bit- long. There's also a couple of folks online that make just Alice clothes, easy enough to find with a search on Etsy.
    4. Fishmo- those are too cute! Do your Lati (yellow?) dolls and Alice wear the same size stuff? Alice is the same measurements as Robin the baby fox , who I am buying, so I am interested in clothing fit,too.
    5. Bump for more clothing ideas!
    6. Some bratz tops fit and some bottoms ( like the boy shorts ) but due to her
      round rump they slide off when she sits :)
    7. Kelly shoes fit Alice's feet really well, I'm getting a Kelly doll set this week and I will try to put the dress on her!

      Also, fishmo and googoojue have really spectacular Alice clothes, as does Tingeisha. They all have etsy shops I believe.
    8. I made some clothes for her click on my sales thread in my sig if you are interested thank you.

    9. they are so cute
    10. OMG the tiny kimono!!!!!!
    11. most Kelly clothes are too small :( I have a rainbow of Kelly maryjanes for my acb!! Barbie short sleeved shirts fit like dresses, some Bratz skirts/t-shirts fit. The dress that came with my Lati Yellow fits but goes past her knees!!! Make sure if u do buy Kelly shoes on Ebay you aren't paying more than a $1-$2 a pair! I have seen some people trying to sell them for $4.99 a pair! it's nuts!!
    12. I have ACB headbands for sale in my Etsy shop! ^_^
    13. Those are super cute!
    14. On another note, are there any patterns for Alice Cherry Blossom clothes? I've bought her a few outfits, but I have such a hard time finding things that fit her.
    15. Not that I have seen. I am having my husband make a few more patterns for me ( he is great at that) since she is so small and you really have to be precise with her it seems.
    16. I really love the little blue and white kimono! very cute :) Do you sell them on etsy or anything?