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Clothes that fit Bahas? Baha Clothing Questions?

Jun 4, 2007

    1. I know that there are a few Baha threads floating around, but I wasn't able to get much info regarding clothing from them, so I thought I'd start a new thread devoted to finding clothes (sources).

      I found out that Baha measurements are as follows:
      Height: 21cm (including ears)
      Weight: 185g
      Width of shoulders: 4.5cm
      Length of arm: 8cm
      From shoulder until wrist: 5.8cm
      Length of back: 5cm
      Circumference of neck: 6cm
      Circumference of chest: 10.5cm
      Circumference of waist: 10cm
      Circumference of hips: 15cm
      Length of leg: 8cm
      From waist until ankle: 8.4cm
      Foot size: 3cm

      I also saw that Ken shorts will fit, and that Ken short-sleeve shirts fit a bit big. On Dollsandfriends.com they had a picture up at one point (I didn't save it) of a Baha wearing a Cherishdoll out fit (this one: http://dollsandfriends.com/item_chdlcof_casual_outfit_for_cherish_doll_bjds) I saw the cute clothes that Pei made as well. ^__^

      What other clothes will fit Baha?
    2. Some Kish Riley clothing fit, mostly seamstress sewn dresses that tend to run a little big, and Patsyette clothes fit perfectly, including the overall pants I tried on. I didn't have Baha her long before I sent him out, just tried a few things on quickly for size.
    3. I saw a Baha this weekend and he was about the same size as my IDolls, so they should fit in most Ginny clothes and some Alexanderkins.
    4. *waves* ^^

      Ginny clothes are hit and miss do to the general chunkiness of baha. XD He's a pudgy little kitty. Anything that fits cherish dolls, however, will fit him, as previously stated. So maybe you should look up some of the cherish dolls and learn their fits and non fits?
    5. Won't Dollmore.net have clothes that fit a Baha?
      The last time I looked on that site, they had a ton of stuff for all kinds of dolls so maybe you'll have some luck there.

      I'm sorry I'm not more help, I make all my doll's clothes myself :)
    6. Thats a bit surprising; I only have a vintage Ginny but her clothes fit Idolls, Bambicronys, and Yosds. I guess the current Ginny is thinner.

      Here are the measurements for them

      Vintage Ginny (walker from late 1950s)
      Height: 20cm
      Width of shoulders: ~5cm
      Length of arm: 6.8cm
      From shoulder until wrist: 5.7cm
      Wrist circumference: 3cm
      Length of back: 4.5cm
      Circumference of neck: 6cm
      Circumference of chest: 10.7cm
      Circumference of waist: 11cm
      Circumference of hips: 11cm
      Length of leg: 8cm
      From waist until ankle: 8.7cm
      Foot size: 2.7cm

      I Doll
      Height: 21cm
      Width of shoulders: 5.5cm
      Length of arm: 9cm
      From shoulder until wrist: 7.8cm
      Wrist circumference: 3.5cm
      Length of back: 5cm
      Circumference of neck: 5cm
      Circumference of chest: 10.8cm
      Circumference of waist: 11.7cm
      Circumference of hips: 13.5cm
      Length of leg: 8.5cm
      From waist until ankle: 10.4cm
      Foot size: 3cm
    7. Mostly wanting to bump this, but I've also discovered clothes that fit Baha perfectly - a series of dolls by Adora Doll called Sandy's Adora-ble Friends. Unfortunately the actual dolls are $45 a pop, but they do have three spare outfits you can buy for around $10. I got a flannel night shirt set that included a hat, slippers and panties that fit my Baha perfectly. The other two sets are girly nightgowns/dresses.

      I'm having a damn hard time finding boy clothes. Anyone else find anything that works well?
    8. ken shorts do fit...and if you shorten the bottom hem of the short sleeve shirts there baggy but should fit. My Omi is currently wearing some blue and green camo swimming trunks that just so happened to be pants length on him! its really cute!! :D

      Also i THINK dollzone BB shoes should fit him, as his feet are a little smaller then my Judys...i'll eventually get around to buying some shoes for her and will thus try them on him. :D
    9. I was wondering what clothes fit?

      Will the bigger Kelly doll clothes fit?
    10. Ken shirts fit and maybe some shorts can be used as pants bit I'm not so sure. But I know Ken shirts will fit!
    11. heres my omi wearing ken shorts!

    12. Does anyone have a picture of a kitty in a ken shirt?
    13. [​IMG]
    14. Oh, Thank you!

      It's a little big, but that makes it look really cute!
    15. I just found a Barbie outfit currently on the shelves that fits like it was made for Baha. It's a blue and blue and grey striped tunic/baby doll dress with grey tights/sweatpants. Even the pants fit. They're form-fitting but still work just fine and the length is perfect. It's pretty cute for $2, for those of you who have girl Bahas.

      I'm about to leave town, but I'll try to post a pic sometime.
    16. I have two Blythe dresses, one fits like a dream the other fits almost perfectly though I tied the straps in the back so they wouldn't be so loose.

      I've since cut off the two back ribbons so it ties around her neck in the back instead of over each arm.

      This is the one I have tied in the back so the straps are a little tighter.
    17. my poor little kitty is totally nakie !
      I dont have anything her size

      ...I do have a pattern book for vintage knitting clothes ..Im hopeing to be inspired
    18. oh, blythe dresses. I didn't think of that. They seem to work rather well.
    19. What is the blythe website?