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Clothes that fit Cherishdoll Chubby?

Nov 14, 2006

    1. Im thinking of buying a Cherishdoll Chubby (waiting for some more owner pictures first though ^ ^) and was wondering what other doll is similer in size to where they can share clothes? ^ ^

      Do you think theres anyway he could fit in Lati green clothes?
    2. They're shorter and thinner, about Orient Doll Joong height, around 8" tall. Thicker than Joong, though. Lati Green is closer to 11/12", correct? So far, I know of no other doll a similar size, at least not in BJDland.

      Mine has worn Bratz, Only Hearts, and some Tiny Betsy stuff. I haven't found a perfect fit yet, especially in the shoes department, but if LatiGreen stuff fits Yo/Bambicrony/Leeke, it will be too big to fit Cherishdoll.

      I need to take pictures, I know.
    3. Sugar Mag's stuff fits Chubby up top - don't know about the pants, but I stuffed mine into a cute little dress, and it fit really well in the chest area.

      Also, Ken (as in Barbie) shirts seem to fit nicely, however the pants are WAY huge on his slender little waist. If I can ever get my roomie's camera to not be demon possessed I'll post some pictures X_x;;
    4. Khiarhu > Sugar Mag? Do you have a link?
      I found a site that points to Amelie-tailor; do you mean the Blythe clothes she has for sale there? :?
    5. Yep, it's in the same shop. WONDERFUL stuff there, I went absolutely crazy when I visited this summer. Great prices, too.
    6. Chubby also fits Barbie clothes... but you have to cut the pants short so that they fit his smaller legs, and some of the sleaves are too long. But yes -- Barbie, not Ken :D
    7. Okay, new discovery:

      Cherishdoll fits the shoes made for the Girls of Many Lands dolls, which you can get from Deb's Adorables on eBay. They're 31mm. Currently she only had Maryjane styles, but hopefully she's do others soon.
    8. I too find this info useful.. does anyone have a link to the cherishdoll site?
      I would love to check em out myself... :)
    9. Barbie Fashion Fever clothes fit nicely. They are a little long so a few alterations are needed.
    10. Ken shoes fit his little feetsies, and there were a pair of tiny keychain shoes at Claire's today that fit as well!
    11. Wal-Mart has some ornaments out that are little sweaters and they fit my Chubby perfectly. They're only .97cents a piece. One opens up, but the others you have to take the head off to get it on him.
    12. (A bit OT)
      What wigs do they fit? I'm kind of new to BJDs so I'm not very sure.
    13. Ahaha, we bought some of those also!!
    14. http://www.cherishdoll.us/ ^ ^
    15. I have a question: if this makes any sense: how much bigger would the YO SD clothing be on a Chubby. i am having a hard time finding little boy clothing and i see such cute things from Volks for the YO's and other companies in the YO size. would they swallow him. ken clothing is getting hard to find and everything barbie is too girlie for him. i have the puppy outfit from cherishdoll but i would like him some other pieces:( please help. sorry if i borrowed the thread.:sweat
    16. YoSD clothes would swallow him alive. Yo are about the same size as Cutie Delfs (only a bit thinner) and my Cutie Delf clothes are huge on my boy.

      Ken clothes are too big too, for that matter.

      The only clothes I currently have for my boy are bits of Barbie outfits (a pair of jeans here, a shirt there). I've heard that Blythe and Licca outfits might also fit him. Good luck!

      (Oh, and threads are made to be borrowed :) ).
    17. My Tiny Size Chart is in the first message of the sticky thread Tiny Size Chart at the top of the Tinies forum. You could check there for what dolls are close to Chubby in body measurements.

    18. Thank you for the help. i was getting my hopes up that the Yo sizes would be close but chubby looks to be a head shorter than the Yo's:( i will keep blythe and licca in mind while i am looking. thank you.:)
    19. hi, it's me again. i have found a few pieces of barbie clothing since i last posted but now i have a new question: the dolls on the Volks USA site that are the regular Dollfie, are they the same size as Barbie?? does anyone know. if they are will their clothes work for the cherishdolls also (with a little altering in the length)? it has been a really long time since i saw one in person and i can't remember if they are the same or not. i hope they are because i think i could work with a few pieces they have. :chibi
    20. Thank you for all the information. It really helps me decide on a doll purchase.