Clothes that fit WithDoll 41cm dolls?

Apr 8, 2016

    1. What are some clothes that fit 41cm dolls from WithDoll? All I know so far is that the Minifee has similar measurements. I think they'll be able to fit.

      Here's the measurements for WithDoll :
      - Height: 41 cm
      - Neck Size: 6.5 cm
      - Shoulder Width: 7.5 cm
      - Bust Size: 17.4 cm (Large breast) / 16.4 cm (Small breast)
      - Waist Size: 12.5 cm
      - Hip Circumference: 18.5 cm
      - Leg Length : 21.5 cm
      - Foot Size: 5.5 cm
    2. Instead of creating a new thread, try asking in the Withdoll Mini Discussion thread where you can actually talk to people who already own Withdolls minis. They can tell you where they got their clothes.
    3. Hey there! They fit many MNF clothes, but as far as I know, this is except jeans because WD girls legs are longer and slightly thicker.

      Regarding shoes, I can offer you this reference post I made with a friend. I hope you find this useful!

      And come to the discussion thread, we are friendly there!! :D