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Clothes to Fit Bobobie Tinies...

Nov 14, 2009

    1. So, I heard clothing made for Lati yellow will fit the Bobobie tinies like Lucky & Elfkin, but it may be a tad loose. Somewhere I also read they could fit into Kelly (Barbie's little sister) stuff, but since I've read it's too small for them?
      LOL I'm so confused!

      So, I'm curious what clothing made for other dolls (BJD or other) will fit these adorable little dolls?

      Thanks for any input you may have : )
    2. I know for certain that Mattel Kelly clothes are much to small. These would fit a teenier tiny of about 11cm and smaller, such as a Puki, DD-Anne, Lati White, ect.. As for things that fit Lati Yellow I can't say for sure but it is most likely a better bet. I can tell you for sure that all of the clothes on this sale page at Denver Doll Emporium will indeed fit:
      Shoes are another issue and aside from these also from Denver Doll Emporium(the first set for tinies at the top, the rest are for MSDs and SDs):

      and the ones Bobobie sells which are the same exact pairs, I know of no others. I would suggest going on ebay and searching for shoes and clothes for Bobobie tiny bjds or something to that effect and seeing what you come up with. There are people who make clothing for them, too so looking around ebay and etsy might help. Good luck!
    3. You're probably meaning the 6" Kelly...there aren't many of them but clothes for them should fit.
    4. Oh! Good call, Reine:D I'd completely forgotten about those. That opens up a few doors if you can find any:)
    5. Ooh ok, so there are more than one size of kelly? Ok, that must be what confused me : )
      *off to stalk ebay again*

    6. Ok, I also found in another thread someone said Bratz dolls clothing fits them. Might not help me, as I want 'child' clothing for mine but just throwing it out there LOL.