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Clothes to fit Domuya D1-Flexi Perennial Male

Feb 14, 2008

    1. So, I am getting one of these bodies. The new 64cm one. What clothes can he wear? He has much longer legs than SD/13 size that I can see from comparing mesurements, can he still wear them? The sizing seems too small for hound/70cm clothes..... Any help would be lovely :D
    2. Bumping this- I'd like to know as well, since I have one of those bodies coming my way and I don't think the SD13 clothes I have now will fit right.
    3. Bump! I'm thinking of getting a Volks/Domuya hybrid and would love to know what clothing options I'd have!

      I'm thinking maybe the D.O.T clothing or Volks SD16 clothing? I'm not sure...
    4. I was wondering what size clothes will fit a D1-Flexi Perennial boy without being to small.

      I also want to buy one for my head. I was comparing the D1-Flexi Perennial body measurements to many other bodies (senior delf,Elfdoll and D.O.T) but the arms are longer. I am not sure if the a long sleeved shirt will fit. As for the pants I don't know but I think the SD16 and dolls around that size will fit.

      Thanks for your help.:)
    5. I just got a Flexi-perennial body--I'll report back later this week after a little recon.
    6. I would also like to know this.
      ARoseFormo, I eagerly anticipate your report! :)
    7. I suppose I should note that I don't actually own any boy clothing that's not handmade--but I'll let you guys know how things I made for the minimee body fit. And I'll give some of the widely-accessible free patterns for SD/SD13 on the net a try, too.

      I'm likely to take the body to the next local meet, too, and perhaps I'll run into some retail items there...
    8. Mine came today, I only have SD/13 clothes tried some. Sunny's world SD trousers look OK (a tad short) but with boots np if he's standing. Sitting is a problem, they look like they are atleast 5cm short XD
    9. I just got an email from Candy at Domuya today. She was kind enough to tell me that most SD/SD13 sized tops should fit the Flexi Perennial male body, but that the pants would probably be too short.

      She also shared with me that Domuya will be releasing new outfits in the near future specifically to fit this body!
    10. I've been putting hound sized clothes on mine. The pants tend to fit allright, some of them are a big long, but it's easier to hem it up then to trying to bring it out.

      He and my DOT Camine are the same size.. so they have the same issues trying to find pants that don't make them look like dorks hehehe
    11. Domuya's making clothes for the body? Great! Mine'll have to sit around in shorts or something until I can get him some pants that'll fit- I know the pants I have will be too small since they're a bit short on my SD13 boy. This also begs the question... what about shoes?
    12. The foot size for them is 7.5cm

      D.O.T, Dolkot and A.O.D Boys have 7.5cm feet, so the shoes made for their size may fit well!

      Some Delf shoes have an inner foot length of 8cm, so they may fit a little big. SD16 boys also have 8cm feet so the shoes for them may fit a bit big.

      I hope this helps! It would be great if Domuya released a complete line for the flexi perennial body - shirts, pants, outfits, shoes, accessories, etc :aheartbea
    13. Does anyone know where you can find free patterns for MSD size?
    14. Pretty much everything I've got, as I expected, is too short. But with a little extension of the legs and arms on patterns, things seem to be just fine. The boxers and briefs I made for my minimee fit loosely. The KIO tank top from MFD (I think it's made for girl dolls, but oh well) is long enough. I wonder if their Elfdoll (taller body) jeans would do?

      For the adventurous:
      Susan Sirkis' Wish Booklet Series Volume XX (Men's Fashion 1776-1850) is quite serviceable enlarged 134% on a photocopier, with a 2-4" addition of length to the arms and 3-6" to the legs. The sleeves come out a bit too full, but otherwise, the shirts are good:
      The waistcoats, pinned on in tissue, seem like they'll need no alteration at all, except those that extend past the hip. The pants, tested briefly in the same very inexact method seem skinny enough, but like the long vests and coats are way too short.
      I suggest a muslin trial run like thison all the pieces, as there are little oddities here and there.
    15. What about shoes? What shoes can he wear?

      I see some with width inside 2.5 It's tight for us :(
    16. SD13 Shoes fit a bit loosely (would be great with socks). The one's I have are 90mm long on the outside.
    17. I bought a pair of Elfdoll baggy jeans for mine and they are long enough, but they are a little big in the waist. I'll probably make a belt to help hold them up.
    18. I have tried some SD/13 size 4D clothing (Tops only) on my Flexi Pere body and its fine, not too short at all. So I guess it's safe to say SD13 size tops are fine.