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Clothes to fit Supia 58cm girls?

Dec 11, 2007

    1. I'm wondering if any of you know which companies carry clothing that would fit a Roda?
    2. Dollfair has a line of clothes that is made specifically for Supia's bigger girls. However I have had good luck with most SD size stuff for my Rosy.


      go there to see the selection.
    3. Softly she walks stuff fits her
      I tried my Dollheart Fer on her and her bust was too big for it. Same with tops fitted for luts girls.
    4. So far I have got some SD size outfits from Dollmore and the one dress I got from them fits her wonderfully along with SD size white long sleeve hood top and white SD size pants with a white half skirt that goes with it. I just got to get her some shoes next like flat ones.
    5. derilan, I too want flat shoes. I was going to wait till I got to Dollfair in January, I like the styles on the website.
    6. If you get a pair Stella Maris let me know how they fit or take a picture if you can, I have been eyeing them on the website and they are so adorable, but I am tapped out of funds with my cards :sweat
    7. Yeah definitely! I know what you mean about the poverty problem, that's why I have to wait till January!
    8. Ah, thanks. I really like alot of Dollmore outfits, so I'm glad to hear they fit and I will definitely check out the other sites.
    9. Has anyone tried the Dollheart Fer on a Roda? I'm thinking of getting one but I don't know about the fit.
    10. Hehe, yeah she has a wide bust so it doesn't sit right on her, but it can still be zipped up at the back. I the jacket doesn't fit her in the bust, you can't button it from the waist up. Still looks nice though :P
    11. Hi!

      I'm getting a Supia Rosy next month. I just want to ask all Supia dolls owners, what can she wear? Like;

      what size of Rosy's eyes?

      Where do you buy shoes and clothes for her? I checked the measurement of her feet and it's so small... About the size of MSD shoes from dollmore that I saw and I think she could wear. I want a shoes that fits her perfectly same for the clothes.

      Wig sizes, can she wear Wigs sizes thats fits to DOTs?

      Thanks so much!:):):)
    12. bump! for some answers ^_^

    13. Hi BlueSand - I had a Supia Rosy a few months back that I had to let go (financial reasons), but just ordered another one today - yay!

      I'm going to be ordering size 14mm eyes for her, as for me these work best, but she can wear 16mm - it's just personal preference.

      She wears a 7/8 wig and I found some wonderful shoes on JPOPDOLL website, called Parfait, they say there that these will fit Supia girls. Hope this helps some....:)
    14. Does anyone know if Supia girls fit into Iplehouse YID girl clothing? In particularly, the YID jeans and cargo pants.

      If not, could you give some recommendations on what jeans or pants Supia girls can fit into?

      Thanks! :)
    15. Many people have 14mm eyes for their Rosy, but if you want a more realistic look I recommend 12 mm.

      A Rosy looks best in 7-8" wigs, unless you like the really fluffy hair-look.

      As for clothes... The Supia girls are very slim, they wear generally the same things as other 60 cm girls, but not everything looks good on them... I buy a lot of DD-clothes for my Rosy, actually. Perfect for that tiny waist and generous bosom...

      Her shoe-size is pretty regular, though. Dollmore MSD size would have a good chance of fitting a Supia - Dollmore's MSD shoes are huge, it fits my SDs well!
    16. bumping for more help
    17. I have tried 12mm eyes on my Rosy and they were too small a could see a tiny hole on the eye corner , then I have tried 14mm and it's look great. for the wig 7-8 are good specially if it's strecchy a bit . I have made some clothes to her using some pattern I have found here on DOA sewing forum and it fitting well ( the A skirt and the night gown) you need to be carefull when you adjust your printer do.
    18. Hi there everyone,

      Can a 58cm supia girl use clothes from nine9style?

      What size is preferred?

      and can they use YID iplehouse lingeries or clothes?

      Thanks a lot.
      Looking for help