Clothes/wigs for Hana Devil?

Jan 3, 2007

    1. What kind of clothes and wigs fit nicely for the Hana Devil/Angel?
      I know about One Heart club, Bratz(tops and skirts) and some Riley tops..what else?
      And what about wigs, i am having trouble finding cute stuff...
    2. Size 4-5 wigs fit but are just a tad loose. 'Nothing that a bit of velcro can't fix. I purchased a few Monique wigs through Audrey's dolls and am very happy with them.

      As far as clothes go, well, you've hit on the usual readily available things. Cheerydoll has come out with a few outfits specifically for Hana, though, so be on the lookout for them.

    3. I've found a few Tiny Betsy and Tiny Ann Estelle dresses that fit Hana well. A Boneka overall set I originally bought for Riley Kish also fits nicely. A lot depends on the styles you like, and the length you prefer. Many Tiny Betsy and Riley dresses are just too short for my taste, even though they fit nicely everywhere else.

      Audrey's is a great place to find wigs and shoes for dolls, but it takes a long time to go through all the styles looking for the ones you like that also come in the right size and color combinations.

      Denver Doll Emporium carries Boneka clothes, and has wigs and shoes, too. They are wonderful folks to work with. Their web site is very easy to navigate and locate products on.

    4. If it a 4-5 wig would fit then I think a volks dollfie plus wig should fit. I've seen a bunch of them on ebay cheap. You can get them from the volks website too...
    5. The Cheerydoll stuff is cute but too boyish...but i might have to get something anyway..
      Good to know tiny Ann Estelle stuff fits as well. I did order some Tiny Betsy shoes. I need to find some basics like tshirts , pants and stuff. I will be sewing for her later on but i want to be able to play right away(its gonna be a couple of week until i can start sewing anyway since i strained my back :(0

      Dollfie plus wigs fit? That is awesome, i'm in LA so i can just pop over to the store, thanks for the info!
    6. I have made wigs and outfits for Hana ...have to admit the outfits sold out before I even got them on the web site

      but I do intend to make more , she is a beautiful size and looks so realistic in the fur wigs


      By the way these shoes are Lati Yellow
      they also fit
    7. I've tried the Only Hearts Club outfits. Skirts and tops fit fine. The shoes are a bit large but with socks would be fine. Pants would definately be to long and need to be hemmed. Cute wigs are really a problem. Tinybear....we need wigs! :)


    8. Chandi usually dresses in Only Hearts club, since they had a "tomboy" choice
      [​IMG]<- ignore, DOA now make the first pic a link for some reason

      But mostly their clothing is for girls.

      The shoes are big, but balance her feet out IMHO.

      I've found that most PF wigs fit (4-5), so I haven't had a problem there.
    9. I love to see the smile face
      I tried to change Merrys ..but she just didnt look right in it any of the others
      ...except the sleep faceplate

      have to put the Angel on my list for this year ...I love the Hana size ;)
    10. Tinybear- i love those little cute outfits! And the mohair wig is gorgeous! I do mohair wigs too(just for my dolls, hurts my fingers..) But i doubt that i will have the patience to do something this tiny..eeep! great job!
      LeeAnn- There's the girl who just cost me $350 this week...rotfl...btw she is on the way home already!I LOVE the sleeping photo of her, makes her look all nice and peaceful...of course she is planning evil tricks for the next day when she sleeps i'm sure of
      Clochette-thanks for the pics, i love that little skirt! I need to go to Target this week and get some stuff together for the new girl. Pocket fairy wigs fit as well? That is good to know. So i can buy any 4-5 sized wig then? Not just 4(those are so hard to find...)
    11. eeeeeeee! She's home!!! She is bigger than i though(the only tiny i have had was a Min del re) it was a happy surprise :)
      Her little faces are so pretty, right now she has the sleeping one on, she is resting after the trip. I got to spray her body with MSC though, cant stand the shiny raw resin, but that is just me :)
      She poses like a dream, and can sit in all this different positions, i am so happy!
      Thank you LeeAnn for answering all my questions..*hugs* here is a link to a pair of cute boots i got, they fit nicely, perfect for the goth girl :)
      Now let the shopping for wigs and clothes begin ;)
    12. Mia...I have some of the Mr SuperClear flat. If I spray her do I just do it like you and Sher did when you were here?? Just several thin coats?? Glad she arrived!!! Let the fun begin and thank you for the link to the boots! They are to cute!
    13. Yeah, just clean her body off with a mr clean sponge to make sure its clean from fingerprints. I usually stick a chop stick in the elastic in between the neck and head part and just spray(take face off first) 2 layers should do it, although you might want to do a third if she is still shiny. I had some problems with Elf doll resin before it takes a bit before the msc takes to the resin.
      The little devil got some outfits too today, and boy are those Only heart dolls ugly rotfl...
    14. Yeah, I don't like their "stuffed" bodies at all. The clothing is nice, and the accessories are decent.

      PF wigs totally fit...the red one she's wearing in the second pic is on my PF Betty in the first one <G>. Riley wigs should fit as well.
    15. I have a Dollfie Plus wig for Madeline. . .it fits her head but it slips off all the time. You definitely need some moleskin or velcro. But the little flip wig looks awfully cute!


      Sorry, I only have a back view. Oh, I also have a 4-5" wig for her, but I found it to be way too big! 4" seems to be about right.

      I hope I can find some Only Hearts Club outfits. I'd like to have some more casual stuff for Maddie but I only like sewing cute, fluffy things :P.
    16. What a cute photo Tenshi!!
    17. Elfdoll has also come out with some really cute outfits for the kids. Check out their site and dollsandfriends as well.