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clothing and accessories for Popovy Dolls that match size

Apr 6, 2019

    1. Hello I’m new and tried search but don’t think I am using the correct terms.

      I have a fairly new Popovy with body version two and I am wondering if there is a list of other BJD clothing and accessories that might fit her.

      I have seen some things on Etsy from third party artists and I know there must be more. For instances does all Meg Creations clothing fit them also it just some I have seen listed. Are there tutorials on making clothing,wigs and accessories for Popovy?

      In some forums I see sizing like 1/4 BJD or 1/6. But I don’t see what size a Popovy would be considered as.

      Thank you for you help.
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    2. They are MSD size, but very slim, so much of the standard MSD clothing will not fit them properly. (Here is a good body comparison.) I think a lot of people just buckle down and make their own, however, when you get marketplace access you can search the mini clothing section. There are a lot of Popovy size outfits available for sale!
    3. Thank you for the info!
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    4. Hello! As for accessories, does anyone know if Popovy dolls can share other BJDs 4-5" wigs, or if they need a wig made for their head?

      (For example, iMda1.7 also wear 4-5" wigs, but cannot always share with Momonita mature tiny because her head is a different shape...but some soft caps work on both )
    5. Didn´t see the original question was over a year old, so an answer is kind of obsolete.

      But I would be interested in wig size too.
    6. @Ashemanu: I can answer only for my Little Owl, I don't know if the other molds have other head forms. I suppose they have similar head forms and sizes.
      The size I can measure on my Little Owl is exactly 4,65'' (11,8 cm). Some 4,5'' wigs can fit, too, they would sit very tight.
      I have tried a Monique wig in 4-5'' on her, it was just not good. It fitted, but it looked like too bulky on her. They need really fine hair, alpaca or angora wigs are good for them. Some angora wigs offer too much volume, so it is a really not so easy to find a good looking wig.
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    7. @nufa Thank you :) The Monique wig info was the one I wanted most! Good to know it wouldn´t work. I will order my girl a wig specifically made for Popovy girls then. At least then I will know that they will fit.
    8. Any ideas if any of the clothes are swapable? ET looks close. Any of the shoes swapable?
    9. Hi Kencredible , I’m also new and having similar issues. I just purchased a Popovy Tawny Owl with no clothing. I’ve searched all over the internet and can not find measurements in order to make my own clothing. I’ve also searched for clothing to purchase, as well as shoes and wigs, but I don’t know if I can trust the seller. Many use dolls that look like recasts that may or may not have correct measurements. I did find sewing mannequins on Etsy that claim they provide correct sizes. I did purchase one and will patiently until I receive my Popovy. If interested In doll sewing mannequins try Etsy. I also found some for many types of dolls Here is the link to the one I purchased: BJD resin mannequin with stand 40cm SECONDS to CLEAR. Suitable | Etsy
      Happy Dolly Day✌️⭐️