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Clothing and Shoes for DoI (Dream of Idol) boys? Ask your questions here!

Mar 1, 2008

    1. Hello everyone. :)

      I was wondering if perhaps someone could help me out. Sorry, I'm still new to this whole thing and slowly figuring out everything. *_*

      I've had my eyes on DOD's, DOI Luke ver.2, who I am simply in love with. I was actually considering saving up for him, but one thing has been bothering me... His height. Is it difficult to find clothes and wigs for 70cm dolls? I see clothes for the DOT's and other smaller dolls all over the place, but I am worried that if I do decide to get Luke, I'll have trouble finding him clothes and wigs. Are there any sites that carry clothes that will fit the DOI's besides DOD, or am I going to be relying on commissioning clothes from people here once I gain access to the marketplace...?

      I did consider getting one of the DOT's instead, like Ducan or Sha. Ducan's eyes -although beautiful- wouldn't fit the character I have in mind, and I'm afraid to mod them on my first doll so they're more open. Then Sha is a beautiful doll, but he looks a little...young? I think. There's something about his face that I can't just put my finger on, I like it, but it wouldn't fit either.

      Either way, I just keep finding myself looking at the DOI's, not even just Luke. They're all so gorgeous, but the size worries me. :sweat
    2. Since the DoIs are brand new there isn't a lot of comprehensive info on how they differ from the other 70cm boys on the market, but there ARE other 70cm boys and clothes for them out there. :) Dollmore has clothes for their Model Boys; Iplehouse also has some Hound-sized clothing still in stock. Even Luts has a few items left.

      I can tell you that my Luke can wear Iplehouse Hound pants; they have to sit a bit lower on his hips than on a Hound body but they still work. For shoes, their feet are actually smaller than a lot of the other 70cm boys out there, so shoe shopping is a lot easier. They can apparently even wear some DoT shoes.

      So while I can't guarantee that everything out there will be a perfect fit, I think if you get a DoI he won't have to go naked. ;)
    3. my DoI can fit the Hound tops, haven't tried the pants yet. Dollheart is way short in the legs and arms, and generally too small in the hips/waist. I think the SD17 clothes should be ok but I have to break out the clothing for him to try.
    4. Senior delf shoes fit really well on my Luke. ^^
      I think most of the DOT clothes can fit alright too. I just tried a DOT shirt on my Luke today, it's just a tad too short on the sleeves, otherwise, no biggie
    5. @Rillystar: Thankyou! :)

      @Scarlet: Thankyou ^^ Okay, so it wasn't like a painfully obvious thing? The sleeves that is...

      Hmm, the arm/leg length is what I thought would cause the most trouble. Would it still be a problem if the shirts were short sleeved?

      Oh, and what about wigs...? I read that the DoT dolls had slightly smaller heads, but didn't hear anything about the DoI's... Do they wear "8-9" or just "9" ...or...does it depend on the wig?

      Sorry for all the questions. :sweat
    6. I am using Luts delf wigs and they fit perfectly ^^

      I don't have any short sleeved DOT clothes so I can't really tell you.. but I don't really see the problem ^^;

      personally, I want to know how well SD17 clothes fit on the DOIs... ^^;
    7. The DoI body is actually longer in the torso and shorter in the leg than many other 70cm dolls who have most of their height in their legs. So So the DoI's got an advantage with pants as long as they've got enough width room for the thighs. :) Shirts might be a bit shorter on the torso though. (Not that I've actually tried this, I'm just guessing...)

      As for wigs, wig size is not exactly consistent anyway, but I find that my DoT wants 8-9 wigs, so I'd say the DoI should be at least 9. Luts dolls have big heads for their overall shorter height, so that's why wigs for them work even though the DoI is a whole lot taller.
    8. Alright. ^^ That's what I've heard, the whole torso being longer with shorter legs. I've been guessing/assuming the same thing, lol. I think I might be just overly paranoid about the whole thing.

      Okay, thanks. :D I just need to find a wig I like. I haven't been able to find any good, vibrant, red ones though. I still have quite some time before I can browse the marketplace on here too, so I'll have to be patient. :]
    9. Is there anyone out there who knows any good places to buy a D.O.D - D.O.I doll clothes, shoes and wigs. It's a big doll and difficult to find stuff that fits!

      Height; 70cm (28inch)

      Girth of Head ;22.5cm (about 9inch)

      Girth of Neck; 10.3cm (about 4.2inch)

      Girth of Chest : 27.5cm (about 11inch)

      Width of Shoulder :15.5cm (about 6.2 inch)

      Girth of Waist : 20.5cm (about8.2inch)

      The length from shoulder to wrist : 22.5cm (about 8.8 inch)

      The length from neck point to waist (back length): 14cm (about 5.5inch)

      Girth of Heap : 27cm (about 10.8 inch)

      The length from heap to knee : 21cm (about 8.4 inch)

      The length from knee to ankle :20cm ( about 8 inch)

      The length of foot : 8.2cm (about 3.4 inch)

      Width of Foot (longest) : 4cm (about2 inch)

      I have just ordered my first doll a D.O.I Luke ver no. 1 and looking for some help! I have a lot to learn about dolls and doll sizees.
    10. Does anyone happed to know if the briefs that fit a SD would fit a DoD DOI? I looked the measurements up and I think the difference in hip and waist size between the two is only a couple of centimeters. If the briefs stretch, it might not be a problem... but I don't know if they stretch. I just can't find any underwear for male DOI's.

      Does anyone know if they might fit? Or better yet, does anyone know where I can find underwear to fit a DOI?
    11. Ebay might be a good place to look they have quiet alot of clouthing last time I checked. They don't seem to sell them on the website.

      Making some might be a good idea If worst comes to worst.
    12. I was going to say, underwear would probably be a fairly easy thing to make if worse comes to worse. I mean what is it, two pieces of fabric stitched together, some hemming, and some elastic at the top? It can't be too bad. I'm not really a seamstress, but I think I can handle that! :)
    13. yeah I know sewing small things can be real annoying sometimes but at least there's no complicated pattern. As long as you don't use silk it should be ok... silky things are slippery :|

      I ordered mine with the outfit but I doubt he'll come with underware... he'll get cold...
    14. I ordered mine with the outfit and he came with underwear. I'm pretty sure as long as you order their default outfit no matter what DOI you will get it too.
    15. I didn't order an outfit with mine. I didn't think any of the ones I saw really fit him.

      I plan on making him some robes instead of buying clothing, but I just don't want things dangling around underneath there! I mean they won't of course. They're made of resin. But really, if you wore a ritual robe, wouldn't you feel weird going commando??
    16. I'd think the Dollmore Model boy underwear would be a good fit. :clover
    17. Let me try. I have a ton load and I think the luts ones should fit...if not I have some hound sized ones that will fit for sure I think....I'm just at work now so later tonight when I get home :)
    18. Hey, thanks!

      I think the Dollmore stuff might fit. I'm just concerned about small differences in hip sizes and stretchiness.

      Plus I was hoping for some boxers or boxer briefs, and all Dollmore has is *gasp* BANANA HAMMOCKS!! :o
    19. Banana hammocks!!

      *sniff* I about busted a gut with that one! XD

      Hey, check out Soom's gutchies. They say they're for Mecha angel, but also say are compatible for SD-13 and Senior Delf, so they should work as well (I just had to pick up a couples pairs for my boys --can't pass up the leopard pair :wiggle ). And there are some nicer looking ones for the more conservative types. ^_~ (no banana slings here!)

    20. Hey, I was just looking at Soom's undies for the Mecha Angels! I was planning on getting a couple pairs, since the measurements indicate that they would fit a DOI.

      You like that huh? :lol: You know what another favorite of mine is? SEE MY WEINIE BIKINI!!