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Clothing and Shoes for Iplehouse Boy Body - Model Type

Aug 18, 2008

    1. Does anybody know what size clothes and shoes would fit an Iplehouse Boy Body - Model Type? Prop-wise, what size would they need?

      A few other things I was wondering: What's the difference between SD and SD13? What size sunglasses would a MD Ryu wear?

      Thanks in advance!
    2. Model Type body can fit in DOT boys' outfits>//<

      Sorry for my poor English~~
    3. Sweet! :) Thanks!

      Edit: Your Soori is beautiful. :D
    4. Iplehouse model boys have rather small feet... smaller than most SD13-sized dolls. I would say normal SD-sized shoes would fit fine. I normally go for Dollmore SD-sized shoes, since they're made somewhat to fit Dollmore SD-sized dolls. They have smaller feet, like Iplehouse model boys.

      You can get SD13-sized shoes, but you may want to pad the feet with socks. And get something laces. ;) That way you can adjust the tightness around the feet.
    5. Sweet! :fangirl: Dollmore was what I was looking at. :)
    6. Does anybody know if a MD Ryu would fit an IH model body?
    7. Reizei-Chan - It would. Not to sure about the resin match though. Especially since migi's batches are always a bit different.