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Clothing fit for Dollzone 60cm girls?

Jun 17, 2007

    1. The Dollzone 1/3 girls are a bit larger than other girl BJDs, so I was wondering which companies' clothes they can wear, besides the Dollzone company. Also, when buying clothing made by individuals, when they list sizes it will fit (SD13, LUTS, etc), what other companies make similar-sized girl dolls?
    2. Did you ever find the answer to your question. I just recently purchased a DollZone 60 cm doll and can not find clothes for her.


    3. My DZ girl is in DollHeart--
      The denim mini skirt fits fine, and the camisole covers what it needs to, but is too small in the bust. Both the bust size and the ribcage size are too big. The waist does fit and velcro closed easily.

      I should try the jeans on her, but the doll who will be dispossessed of them won't be happy. ;)

      Ann in CT
      sews her own mostly
    4. Be careful buying "Hound size" clothes and shoes. It's always hit and miss. Ofcourse there are the Dollzones outfits.

      I went with Dollzone shoes for my kids, before they had to wear 0-3 Month baby sox.
    5. Ehhh. For my Mo, since most clothing doesn't fit him perfectly, I just kinda work with it.

      Its mildly easy to make pants as long as you aren't horrible with a sewing machine. *_*

      That way, you can tailor it to fit your doll perfect, also its a MILLION times cheaper. :)
    6. Thanks for the responses - personally I can not sew. Which means I must find clothes to fit my new girl.

    7. KK Workshop should work for them, they are made to fit SD, Azone, and Obitsu 60 cm dolls. Junkyspot carries a few of KK's outfits :) I had a KK outfit that fit Rei great, she is a 60 cm obitsu.
    8. I read another topic similar to this, but no one gave a straight " this is what fits" answer. I was thinking that they fit in SD13 girl clothes but am unsure.
      If any of you know please give me a helping hand here. Another question is what kind of shoe size can they wear?
    9. Bring Up My Post!
    10. Bring up my post!
    11. Anyone? ..... ;_;
    12. Bring up my post
    13. Someone please help out.
    14. they're pretty hippy with some larger thighs. I made some pants for a 1/3 girl and I'm sure there are others in the marketplace who can do this as well. Featherfall sell clothing for DZ girls as well depending on what you're looking for.
    15. What clothing companies sell stuff that will fit these girls? Their proportions are so different, and I do not want to buy something that will not fit them.

      Any suggestions?

      I do not want to have something custom made, because I'm not even sure I like this doll. However, I have been known to change my mind when a doll has the "right" clothing.

    16. Featherfall sells both the dolls as well as clothing that fits them (a lot of fantasy and other types of clothes).

      I've made a few clothes for them myself and can say they are pretty different in shape (wider thighs and the like) so most other company wear won't fit, or might not look good
    17. Hi I have looked through most of this thread and can't seem to find an answer.
      I am new to all these beautiful dolls and I have just bought my first doll
      (Dollzone 60 cm Female Ball Jointed Doll - Cherry)
      and she needs clothes (before I get her for xmas)
      what I need to know is will any clothes for a 60cm doll fit her?
      I hope someone can help. :thumbup
    18. just bumping it up . can no one HELP :(
    19. Thank-you so much it was very informative and I got to see Cherry .