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Clothing fits for Notdoll girls?

Jan 7, 2008

    1. I've just received my Belladonna and she's definitively slimmer than my Volks SD girls, thus most of my clothing does fit her. Can can fit besides hand-homemade clothes? Dollfie Dream? Thanks!
    2. Congratulations on your Belladonna, they are lovely girls. They can wear a wide variety of SD sized clothes.
      here is one great site, she uses a Belladonna for her model
      she is a member here, doughgiirl.
      I have put my girls in Violet Fern, pink grapefruit and Dollmore.
      That is the pink grapefruit side, she is also a member here, screen name Leda.
    3. Thank you very much for the info and the links! So that's easier than I thought to find clothes for them... When I look at how wide my other girls' clothes are... ^^;
    4. A little bump with a question : can I put use SD16 girl clothes on my Belladonna? Especially tops, and maybe bottoms?
    5. I would think SD 16 may be way too big. Most SD stuff is perfect.
    6. The SD16 tops are gonna leave a lot of room in the bust. I tried an SD16 top on my SD Megu, and even though it fit, it's pretty apparant that her boobs aren't big enough to fill it out, hehehe!

      The pants are probably going to be too small, SD16's have very slim hips that are a completely different shape than most SD girls.

      Wow, that pink grapefruit site has really cute stuff! :D
    7. Isn't pink grapefruit amazing? And the outfits are insane quality, like coture for dorries. Notdoll girls are actually very slender, more so than Volks gals. That said I think SD 16 will be way off.
    8. Well, I've looked around a bit for some info on Notdoll Lab Creation dolls but can't seem to find much. Notdoll Lab doesn't list very detailed measurements for its dolls (and I'm terrible at taking measurements). My Ligaya Winter Eternity seems pretty small chested. Does 22cm sound like what one would describe as small or thin chested? I'm looking at a dress in the marketplace that the seller describes as being for a "thin chested 60cm doll". Thanks for any advice :?
    9. This is a helpful chart I found on DOA (it's a sticky on this forum):

      It should give you an idea comparatively what is smaller or larger for your girl. You can always ask for measurements from the seller too.
    10. Thanks for that - you know, I saw that chart and somehow passed right over the Notdoll entry. Big :doh