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Clothing for 55cm Obitsu boy?

Nov 9, 2007

    1. My boyfriend is getting me the new 55cm boy from obitsu for Christmas *yeah!* but he doesn't want to give me "a naked doll" lol. So, does anybody know where I can find some clothes that will fit this guy? I had planned on making him a whole closet full when I get him, as I sew quite a bit and can't wait to try my hand at it. Still, it would be nice to have something for him until then. It's already really cold here, and it wouldn't do to have him bare! Even measurements would be great, or something to give me an idea of what size clothes to get him? He'll be my first doll, so I'm very new to all this. I've stalked the forum for quite some time, but I still don't seem to know as much as I'd like to. >.<
    2. You can try the clothes made to fit Volks SD10--they're shorter than average (I think 57cm), though not quite as short as the Obitsu. It would be closer fit than a lot of stuff for the 60cm dolls.
    3. I don't know if Elfdoll has discontinued/changed their clothing since they announced the discontinuation of the shorter (57cm) male body, but you might check at Denver and Dollsandfriends and ask about their existing EF clothing stock. There's some nice clothing there.
    4. I'd suggest asking over in the Junkyspot forums... I recall someone making some really nice clothes for the new 55cm boy body, but I don't remember just who it was right off the top of my head.


    5. Thanks everyone! JunkySpot's forums has some help also! ^^
    6. Okay so I want to make my own girl out of a obitsu boy 55cm as shown : http://www.alles.or.jp/~tomomin/customob5504.jpg
      I really don't know what kind of clothes to get though. She is almost as tall as a 60cm but taller than a MDD or MSD.......so what type of clothes do you think I should get? MSD or SD? :DThanks~!
    7. Clothing is wonky. SD tops fit (very baggy). SD shorts fit, if you don't mind the baggy look. SD pants are too long. MSD shirts are much too small. O_o It's a very strange size, your best bet is to have someone make clothing, custom.
    8. you could try Azone clothing as its specially made for 60cm girls which i have so itl be good for tops i recon. but id make shure you get a stretchey material as the waist doesnt go in as much on a boy as it does on a girl!!

      try looking on ebay or
      i got all my clothing from there.

      hope thats of some help
    9. Thank You So Much! :D I'm pretty sure I could adjust the SD clothes to fit! ^^ I don't mind the baggy look since her character has a boyish shape! LOL!
    10. I have an obitsu 55 cm doll... and well, there are things that are odd about him. He's a 1/3 size BJD, but it based on my measurements, he wears MSD size shoes. Does that mean I should get him MSD size socks, as well? *_* I don't know!
    11. I would say yes to the socks if the shoes fit.
    12. I've got a 55CM Obitsu boy too, he's the newest kind and is proving a pain in terms of clothes (I've only had him a week!). He's got an insanely skinny waist but very broad shoulders. I got lucky with some very baggy SD combat trousers and an SD cardigan, but that's all he's got at the moment. For shoes, MSD. He's got some great Vans and boots.
      I'd agree that mimiwoo rules - it's worth getting some of her dirt-cheap jeans and maybe taking them in a little. If you've got the skills to alter, any SD jeans are fine and you can sort them out after, because so much actual Obitsu stuff sucks, IF you can find it in the first place.
    13. **update**
      I've now discovered that cotton wristwarmers from places like Claire's or other girl's shops work great as long tops for the 55cm Obi. Also SD girl leggings work. I normally make my own leggings for him from stretchy fabrics.
    14. What clothing from other companies will fit the 55cm Obitsu Boys Body?

      Click here to see the body in detail.
      (item-no: 55BD-M01W-G on the Parabox website)

      Thank you very much! :)

      EDIT: Sorry, I didn't see this thread. Thank you for re-directing me! <3
    15. :)I'v been looking at the obitsu 55cm boy and l like it. I want to make him into black cat from the anime. I am going to get him for my B-day at the end of oct. I just need to know where l can get a pair of black jeans for him etc.