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Clothing for Delf 60cm - Luts

Mar 9, 2009

    1. Looking for clothing that will fit Delf (60 cm) - Luts. What other stores would sell clothing that would fit them?
    2. Mimiwoo.com has some good stuff! ^_^
      And cheap shipping too.

      Another option is Dollmore.
    3. Most anything that is SD13 boy size will fit them fine.
    4. xXDarkNekoXx

      Mimiwoo - MSD/DOD?

      Dollmore - Model Doll? Dollmore Doll?

      Loki - Of what company? You mean any 60cm?
    5. For Delf boys, the fit of clothing will depend on which version of Delf boy body you have.

      The type ones and twos are the same body size as one another. Anything that says it's made for SD13 size fits them fine. Senior Delf Clothing should also fit them and I've never been sure why they make separate clothing sections for them at Luts.

      The type three body is shorter and thinner through the hips/butt/thighs. Type threes fit SD13 girl size/SD10 boy size pants, SD13 pants are too baggy. I've heard that AoD & Soom Gem size fits them better but girl clothing may be the way to go.
    6. Mimiwoo.com carries alot of different sizes.
      I'm sure they'll have what you need.
      Dollmore is basically the same.
      Those sites are where I get my delf boys clothes! ^_^
    7. But according to these sites, what would be the 60cm for them? When I'm looking for clothes, what is their 60cm dolls called?
    8. On dollmore they have a section called SD (super dollfie )clothing under the clothing category.
      Mimiwoo is basically the same.
    9. Most doll sites will have clothes that should fit (some better, some not, but that's the way it is with all dolls! See Idrisfynn's post for detailed fit). Of course lots of companies speak in code!!! You'll have to figure out what sizes fit what (it's a pain, but you'll figure it out eventually).

      Generally, most "SD" sized, or "SD-13" or "1/3" or "Large" or "Company's own special term for 60cm dolls such as Delf", etc., will fit your doll. Some clothes will run to more fitted or less fitted, sometimes within the same category and company! But if you wish to make sure, just ask specifically, "Will Dollheart clothes fit my X-type Delf?" and people will answer, "yes." :)

      Good luck! I have no problem buying clothes from almost every company for my Type 1 Delfs. I haven't had something not fit yet--although I'm not so picky! As long as I can get the thing on and close the fastenings, I'm cool with it.
    10. is there like a size chart that explains all this... like how tall an SD-13 doll is? cause I only own one doll... I'll be getting another one (possibly 2... it comes with 2 heads so I may just buy two bodies since the bodies are relatively inexpensive.)

      anyhoo. I can't figure out what size outfit to search for. I only know it's 61cm big. Would that be SD, SD-13, 1/3?

      so anyone have a size chart??
    11. Good to know, guys.

      The thing is I'm probably gonna get a type 3 and I heard it is a bit different...
    12. ok so I think I got this right, please let me know if I'm not...

      SD-13 means dolls 57 to 62cm tall... so If I'm looking for an outfit for my new Custom "Gackt" love style D.I.M. doll (61cm tall), I should look at SD-13 outfits right?

      Cause I notice they SD-13 isn't always listed as SD-13. It's a guessing game for doll novices like me. Lol. I'm trying to find a simple leather jacket, leather pants and t-shirt for a 61cm doll. I mean... am I just that inept at shopping? Lol
    13. April pretty much said it. In general I guess the SD, SD-13, and 1/3 are suppose to be generally the same.
    14. ok so I found this:

      Black Leather jacket

      black leather pants

      fits for SD13/Luts 1/3 boy

      so that should work for my 61cm love style boy?

      Cause I think 1/3 , SD13 was described as going up to 60cm. So we're talking less than a half an inch difference... right?

    15. It should fit. Whether you doll runs wider or thinner or longer legged, it's hard to tell without asking if such-and-such fits X-type body... AND someone who has that body and has tried those clothes would have to be around to answer you. A lot of the time you're just going to have to take a risk. Although, once you've tried on various brands of clothes on your particular doll's body you'll get an idea if it runs large or small or fits most everything. You can ask other owners of your particular doll (post here, putting your doll's type in the title) or look for other threads discussing that doll to ask the question of other owners. See if there are any particular issues (such as legs a bit long for most SD/SD-13 clothes; or waist too thin or too thick). People with your type of doll should have some answers.

      Some 70cm dolls will fit into SD-13 clothes--but usually their arms and legs will be too long. It's likely that 61 cm shouldn't be a huge difference, but you may have to be wary of the the length of trousers... The Dollmore pants look like they may have enough extra length to be OK, but it's hard to say for sure.
    16. I'm as clueless but it seems that it's suppose to be generally the same despite the company so technically the pants should fit on your doll.

      I would say not necessary up to 60cm but dolls around 60 cm.
    17. I'm new to BJDs as well, and have just ordered a Luts Delf myself, so this is all very helpful. ^^ Is there anyone who has experience with ebay stores such as Sunny's Wonderful World and how their items fit?
    18. Ok thanks! That makes a lot of sense. the pants I'm not worried about because they're for 62cm, so even if they're not as long as they look, they should still look ok since my doll is 61cm.
    19. April. Should I widen the topic a bit?

      Maybe I should list the ones I'm interested to get.
    20. Sunny's fit! You can tell them if you want Delf or SD13.