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Clothing for Dollzone 70cm boys?

Aug 24, 2006

    1. Can Dollzone Yuu wear hound outfit? he is 70cm.
      and anyone know what company resin is close to Dollzone? im hoping to get a 60 or 63 cm body.
    2. Judging by the dimentions displayed on LaiDoll, Yuu can wear Hound clothing, but his arms are a bit shorter, if I remember correctly.

      I don't think that would pose any significant problem.
    3. My HappyDoll Louis head currently resides on a Dollzone boy body. All of the hound clothes that I have (most are from dollmore) fit him fine. The only problem I've encountered is that since his hands are large, sometimes he has trouble fitting his hands through narrow shirt cuffs that are not made of an elastic material. I know that HappyDoll new resin is a good match... I would bet that volks normal skin would be fairly close too.
    4. thanks toratenryuu and LadyJujube
      it's a big help!
    5. I found that my boy can also wear Sd13-sized T-shirts fairly comfortably.
      The body is lovely. Here is my boy: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showpost.php?p=976425&postcount=160
      and an official photo:http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showpost.php?p=947889&postcount=139

      There is a thread with good photos of a white DZ Wing in comparison with a number of other boys here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=79304 . The posability is top notch. My boy is willing to stand with a minimum amount of work. He has locking joints that allow him to sit upright un-aided. His theighs also rotate, thus allowing him to cross his legs naturally. Both his knees and elbows have double joints, allowing for a wider range of motion. I'm really quite impressed. The detail in the torso is beautiful, and the body is more muscular than a Dollshe boy, but not as muscular as an SD16. His fingernails and toenails actually project further than the digits they are attached to, just like real nails. The only oddity is the pinky-toe, which seems squished, as though the sculpter noticed that the foot was too wide for most shoes and had to re-sculpt the pinky-toe sot that it would fit.

      Now, I must also warn you that there is a large debate going on as to whether or not the Dollzone body is a copy of the volks SD16 body. It's quite similar to a debate about Narin/Narae being a copy of the Unoa. I do not wish to spark any more debate here though, as I feel it has gotten out-of-hand.
    6. Does anyone know if the DZ 70 cm boys (my boyfriend's Yuu just arrived) can wear other SD shoes?

      I've only got MSD sized dolls, so I've no idea how the foot size compares.
    7. I think you should be ok with "Hound" sized shoes (thats what I'm ordering for my boy but hes not here so I havent tried yet) as long as they have a little breathing space

      Hound feet are like 8.7cm compaired to DZ being 8.8cm (acording to the websites I've looked at anyway)
    8. I know that Volks pureskin white is a perfect match to white DZ dolls (as my friend's Yuu is on a volks pureskin white body), but while the resin matches CP BW, the Yuu head is too big for the luts bodies.
    9. Will Dollzone 70cm boys fit in Dollmore's Model M clothing?
    10. Hi there.

      I've been digging around the forums looking for some information that I cannot seem to obtain. I'm looking for a place to buy clothes to fit a 70cm doll, because so far they seem to be of limited supply.

      I want to buy DZ Wing, but I'm worried that I won't be able to buy clothes to fit his body so he'll be a cold (since I live in Minnesota), naked :nowords: doll.

      Can anyone help me out here? Thanks.:aheartbea
    11. Does anyone know? ToT Maybe I'll check back tomorrow since it's getting to be time for bed. Any knowledge that you can dispense for me would greatly be appreciated!
    12. Well, Dollshe clothing probably fit. Maybe you can compare the measurements of a Dollshe boy and a DZ to find if the clothes are the right size.
    13. If you do to dollmore.com the clothes they have for their model boy should fit...I'm ordering some for my DollZone Yuu soon I hope.
    14. You can pre order the Dollzone default clothes on junkyspot's forums... As well as dollzone shoes, dolls, heads, wigs, and so on...
      The next pre order is due February 15 2007, here is a direct link:


      Eventually I will be making clothes for my Yuu. If I like the patterns I design I might offer some up for sale, here or on Ebay.
    15. have you checked the measurements? like the leg length and all?
      sorry i don't know really but maybe a little check would be helpful??
    16. yeah the measurements for Dollmore's Kyle are pretty close to Yuu's but sometimes the websites are wrong so I just wanted to double check
    17. I have model doll jeans a shirts on my Yuu, they're a little loose but the length is perfect and it looks great.
    18. ooh thank you soo much!! I'm planning on buying a bunch of stuff and I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on stuff that wasn't gonna fit! ^_^