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Clothing for Elfdoll Alice Cherry Blossom Question???

Nov 28, 2007

    1. Okay, I've received my first little piggy, and just love him to death. His only problem, and it's such a minor one, is that his little red tights/pants DO NOT STAY UP on his little bum, and even worse when he sits down. Right now he's wearing an old pair of Blythe undies. They at least stay on him when he sits.

      What other size outfits do they fit with? I want to say that I read somewhere that they can where Latidoll Yellow outfits? or is that just for the Dollzone Pet dolls?
    2. I have the same problem. My piggy's red pants will NOT stay on. Luckily, I won the secret outfit and the black pants fit just fine. But yeah, the red pants are no good.
    3. The only thing I know for certain that fits Alice really well is Pocket Fairy clothes.
    4. Eiko82: Yeah, I didn't get lucky on that. He's number 29, but thats cool. I was actually thinking of cutting the feet out and maybe then they'd stay up better?????

      Celesse: Okay, cool. Pocket Fairy. I'll go and check and see what they have? I wonder who else fits them. Almost thinking of letting him go naked underneath. :)
    5. Bump for today. Anyone else have any other outfits that these little piggies can wear?
    6. Bump for Friday. Any other clothes?
    7. Well Elfdoll just released a bunch of new and completely adorable outfits that are going to drain my bank account.. :P

      But other than that...


      Some Blythe clothes may fit. I took a chance on this outfit and one other dress because they were cheap and sleeveless. The dress is rather long but does fit her torso at the top and since Blythe have huge heads too the bonnet fits perfectly. I'm guessing tops with sleeves and pants won't work though. Just be wary of what you buy.
    8. Celesse: Thank you very much. I'll have to go and check out the new outfits then from Elfdoll. And your little one looks really sweet. :) I love the bonnet.
    9. Wow, I'm really disappointed to hear that the piggy's default pants don't fit! :(
    10. They just don't stay up on his little bum, and if you try to sit him down, they immediately just come down/fall off. I've found some other "undies" to put on him, (just didn't want him going around naked and all), but what I'm probably going to do is just cut the feet off from the red pants and I'm thinking that should keep them up better. They are just ever so slightly small.???

    11. pocket fairy clothes will fit her well...it was hard to find good clothes for her (before elfdoll released the new clothes) so I made my Hana a few dresses myself ;)


      ...but she is a girl and much easier to dress as your boy
    12. I thought I had seen these dresses on Flicker. They are sooooooooo cute. I think my little Truffles might need some. :), and that's great that they can wear Pocket Fairy stuff then. :)

    13. Meguone: I love your little dresses you made. I just ordered Alice Ballerina. I can't wait til she arrives (won't be until January, I'm told).
    14. Anyone besides Elfdoll selling dresses for Lady Pig? I wouldn't mind buying PF clothes, but since all a Swine needs is a dress, I hate to spend money on other parts of an outfit that won't be used.
    15. Oh, I didn't make any dresses. Sorry. Those are from someone else. :)
      You are going to love her, they are sweet little dolls.:)
      Can't wait to see yours when she comes in.

    16. can she keep shoes on her little feet?
    17. goodness... id doubt it, Rose, but why on EARTH would you want to cover those little trotters!?! when you see those little feetsies in real life, you will die. they're too cute for shoes! :)
    18. Exactly. No shoes. Even my boy doesn't have his shoes on. Those feet are just fantastic. :)
    19. Subscribing to this thread...I have a little Ballerina on layaway :)
    20. doughgiirl: Yeah for Darla:) :) Those little dresses would look fab on her.