Clothing for Feeple60

Oct 24, 2020

    1. Just a curious question as I’m having trouble finding clothes for feeple60. I keep finding feeple 65 stuff but not 60 even tho 60 seems to be more popular among the bjd owners I know. What clothes fit feeple land also what shoes fit feeple flat and heeled feet? I can’t seem to find the foot measurements for either foot anywhere...
    2. Type "feeple60" into the search on Etsy, and you'll get a ton of options.
    3. I did but I’m not finding what I’m looking for.. I’m looking for a classic 50s style dress.
    4. Feeple60 Moe girls (regular and long-leg) usually fit very well into clothes made to fit the SD10 sized dolls from Volks, if that's the Feeple60 body you're referring to. I've owned 5 of them and sadly not a lot of people/companies make clothes specifically to fit Feeple60 Moe, but SD10 girl is still a standard size that a lot of shops still make clothes for, especially on Taobao. Dollheart makes lovely SD10 sized clothing sets/dresses btw. Tight fitting SD10 shorts/pants might not fit them super well though (standard SD girl shorts fit well in my experience, but the pants will likely be too long on the regular Moe body. Probably fine on the long-leg Moe body), F60 Moe have pretty wide hips and thighs compared to them, but shirts and dresses fit great.You can also find clothes that are specifically made for F60 Moe on Etsy. The shoes are a little more difficult to find as Moe feet are not only shorter than most SD girl feet, but they are also slightly wider meaning that finding perfectly fitting shoes for them can be a pain. Moe feet are 6cm long and 3cm wide (FL's measurement table is wrong, the flat feet are not 6.5cm, but barely 6.2) while "standard" SD girl feet tend to be more around 7-7.5 cm length and 2.8 width, for reference. Some shoes on Alice's Collections fit them well, just keep an eye on the measurements. As a general rule you can usually get away with the width being a little too small if the "top" of the shoe is open (like with Pumps or Mary Janes) and you can pack the toe of a shoe a bit if the length is a little too long (like within .5cm). Fairyland does also make and sell really lovely magnetic resin shoes for F60 Moe though, so that's a plus.

      If you're taking about the old F60 girl body from like 2012 and before, sometimes referred to as "A-line" (though this is incorrect, the body was not officially called that nor is it the same as the Minifee A-line), they have measurements closer to a more "standard" SD girl and should fit into most standard SD girl sized things. They are nearly the same in size as the original CP/Luts Delf bodies that are still sold today, so whatever fits them should fit the old F60 girl.
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    5. What in particular? Like, poodle skirts and such? When you get marketplace, there are a lot of wonderful artisans who make custom clothing.
    6. Ty so so much!!

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      working towards it hopefully soon ^_^
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    7. Dorset Clothing on Etsy makes some cute dresses that might match your style. They’re sized to old Delf girls (a precursor to the Feeple60), and my F60s wear them perfectly.
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    8. Ooo oki!!! Thanks

      Sadly they only ship to Australia rn :(

      They only ship to Australia right now
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    9. Aw man, that’s a bummer! The pandemic is probably limiting international shipping options. There’s a broader suggestion I’d have there though—if an outfit fits a Delf girl (especially dresses, maybe not so much pants) it probably fits an F60. The Moe body is just a little shorter and has wider hips.
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    10. Ty ^_^