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Clothing for HappyDoll Girls?

Dec 21, 2005

    1. Hi,

      I've searched the forum for any info on readymade clothes that would fit the Happy Doll girls but couldn't find anything - except for some very talented seamstresses capable of doing commissions for them.

      My DIY kit Lucy is now assembled and I want to shop for clothes for her... but her measurements do differ from the regular measurements given as "SD13 girl type" by most clothes companies, so I never dared to order.

      Has anyone tried to put bought clothes on a Happy Doll girl yet? Any info on the fit of different brands would be very appreciated.... thanks a lot!!!!

    2. I have a Lucy and she can wear almost anything that fits other SD13 girls, BUT they will probably be a bit large. Happy Dolls used to have several pages of clothing just for Lucy, but they tell me they sold out and don't expect much new to come in. It's probably because the Lucy clothing didn't fit anyone else at all, too slender. My Lucy is my favorite BJD. I named her Nobuko because it means "graceful child".
    3. I do commissions for the HD girls. They can also wear clothes that fit Ryung and Soah.
    4. I have a Happydoll Margo and a Happydoll Mabel. The Margo is taller and a little bigger around than most SD 13s, and the Mabel is a little shorter and slimmer than most MSDs. I have a lot of trouble buying clothes that fit them, but I'd suggest picking clothes that are designed to fit loosely.

      I can't help you with anything like jeans. I've yet to find readymade jeans that will fit either one. (Not that Yseult would wear jeans anyway, they're not her style at all.) I love both my Happydolls, and I've just learned to live with the fact they're quirky sizes and clothes are just going to be difficult.
    5. well try something like SD13 or commiuson them... the problem HD girl type have large breast :D so u can button then they pop lol :P
    6. Thank you guys, for helping me out :-D

      Redhead111, you really got me confused here... My HD Lucy is taller and bigger (esp. bust and hips) than the SD13 type girls, she even tops Ryung's bust, so no way her clothing would be too slender for SD13... did I get you wrong? Sorry...:confused:
      Yeah, I love my Lucy to pieces too. "Sarangerel" is Mongolian for "moonlight"...^^

      flanna, I know exactly what you mean, and I was just on the verge of the "learning to live with it" part, but as a last attempt I wanted to ask the wonderful, knowledgeable people on the board about it ^^

      gayle, thanks for the info, I'll pm you...kagari, see? ^^

    7. Well I hope you can find clothes that fit HD girls well enough, I'm a fan of Lucy myself. (and I'd love to see any pics you have of your kit girl as I've been very tempted to get one)
    8. thanks for the good wishes, devmo! Here is my first (and still only) pic of my finished HD DIY Lucy... the girl I am trying to clothe. Hope you like^^


    9. Very beautiful and elegant, you did a fabulous job.
    10. Mandagore she is asbolutely stunning!

    11. What a beautiful girl. I hope you post more pics of her in the Gallery. I really love seeing other dolls, rather than what's popular at the moment (not that I mind those either, just like seeing a bit of everything).

    12. Thanks, you all,
      for the kind words and the encouragement! I'll be working on some new pix as soon as I can get some time off again. You know, she's my only girl, to me she's very, very special. Plus, with the help of some great people I am working on solving the clothing issue!:smile:

    13. She's so lovely! I agree it's nice to see some different dolls, I'm always looking for unique faces that I like. ^^ She looks a lot like a Korean girl I was friends with in junior high school, very natural features and you've given her a gorgeous faceup.
    14. she's beautiful, although i have yet to recieve ur pm... tehehehe

      omg i hope the LE happy doll is nice :D
    15. I've seen a HD Margo (I think) in Dollheart's shop. Perhaps you could email them and ask whether they've anything that might fit HD girls.

      Dollheart carries SD13 girl clothings and shoes but seeing an HD girl in their shop just gives me the idea that perhaps they can tell you which clothes will fit an HD. It's just a thought hope this helps.

      PS Hope Dollheart won't mind me for posting this.
    16. Thanks again to everybody,

      and thanks for this interesting bit of information, reggie! I'll try that.

      Where else but on DoA could someone tell you what's there in an East Asian shop?!

    17. true.... oh well i hope u finds something good.... talking about clothes i wanna do a cherrydoll us group order... lol
    18. Hi there
      I dont normally post as im not 100 percent sure on how to work my way round this site but I was hoping someone could help me with a question about Happy Doll Mabel. I bought one a while ago but havent seen anywhere I could purchase the dress she is wearing on the Happydoll site. They dont seem to have it in stock and I havent seen it anywhere. Has anyone seen it anywhere on any sites? Thanks for any input you can give me. :)
    19. I haven't seen this dress for sale anywhere, and I'm sorry, because I like it, too. The only thing I can suggest is to see if you can commission somebody to make you a similar one.

      Congratulations on your Mabel! There are times when I think I'm the only person in the whole world who has one, and it's nice to know that other people appreciate her, too.