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Clothing for Latidoll Red boys?

Nov 17, 2006

    1. Okay~!! I think I'm hooked, lined and still sinking the moment I saw Lati Red L XD *is still drooling over him*
      Now I want to know...which companies sell clothing that fit Lati Reds?

      LUTS, Elfdoll, DoD [DoT], Volks SD13, Iple House, etcetc?
      I'm really interested in LUTS and Iple House, cause they sell the clothing I really want for my future boy ^_^

      Thank you!

    2. Well, I haven’t bought anything from those companies (I get mostly ebay stuff), but all the SD13 clothing I’ve tried on Kail (Latidoll K) so far fits just fine. One or two shirts are slightly loose, but I think those companies' SD13 sizes should work, too.
      I hope this helps! :)
    3. I have a pair of Volks V-Jeans for SD13 boy (long legs) and they are HUGE in the waist and slightly too short (just a smidge).

      I haven't tried any shirts or anything. I have a Latidoll Aida.

      And I'm with you. L is to DIE FOR! *drool*
    4. i too would like to ask anyone tried dollheart's sd13 clothes on Lati Red?
    5. I have I have:sweat I've tried my Romance in Venice Price outfit on my LatiDoll boy, and it is HUGE in the waist area (Lati Boys have such Tiny Sexy Waists:sweat) and a little short in the pants, but other then that It was great. Luts Clothing also looks great on my boy, or at least the outfit got for my Tristen (LatiDoll Aida) Looks great;)
    6. My latidoll K hasn't been shipped yet...but I'm waiting to get him some clothes. >.< I'm also unsure of what sizes fit him... But um, are there any other sizes that will fit?
    7. yeah trouble with clothing for these boys. Going to make a few pair of jeans for them since I have nothing but the limited outfits for my boys. At least shoes has been easy for them
    8. I have a Volks SD13 trenchcoat that I got for my Wu and it's HUGE! Absolutely swamps him, he looks ridiculous! I tried it on my SD10 boy as well, it's a definite no-no! I think you might find clothes made for the Rainydoll boys to be quite small. Definitely too short, they're about 58cm tall. He does, however, fit into SD13 tops okay, but afaik Elfdoll don't sell seperates.
    9. DoT clothes while the right lengths the waist is large on the Lati's.
    10. I haven't had any trouble with waists being too big but all the pants I've tried on are just a bit too short. I end up putting boots over them & they look ok then.
    11. I noticed these grab bags from Doll Heart: http://www.dollheart.com/menu/mainframset_e.htm It seems like a good way to get clothes and my boy will be coming home naked... Does anyone know how well clothes from this company would fit a Latidoll K?
    12. I was wondering if normal SD clothes for boys will fit the Lati Red boys? I especially want to know if the Volks SD13 boy pants will fit Lati Red boys. Anyone know? :sweat
    13. Only if they are for long legs.

      Please see these threads here and here

      Viele Grüße
    14. Thanks for the links :)
    15. :? ok, as Lati doesn't give so many choices...
      can I fit SD/SD13 boys clothing?
      is there any other option for these boys?? *_*

      thx be4
    16. I bought some SD13 pants for my friends Lati Red M, they're a bit short, but if you don't mind showing off his hips a little they work just fine! and I belive SD/SD13 shirts will fit as well.

      Happy shopping! ^^b
    17. Thanks for the info, I really needed to know that too :)