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Clothing For Limhwa Mano - What fits him?

Dec 23, 2007

    1. I looked and searched, but I didn't find anything, still please feel free to move
      or delete, if this has been posted before. I would like to know what wigs, and shoes
      (sizes & brands if possible) fit Mano. I've tried all the wigs I own so far on him, and
      none of them fit.

      I make all of my doll's clothes, so that's not something I need to know, but I think it
      would be helpful for other current and future Mano owners, to know what clothes usually
      fit him as well.

      Thanks in advance!

      - Enzyme ^_____^
    2. No Mano owners at all uh? Maybe everyone got
      the full-set-Mano that comes with wig and eyes, but I'm
      wondering if everyone's Manos have no shoes...

      - Enzyme ^^;
    3. I have been wondering the same thing. I haven't my Mano yet, but I would like some clothes waiting for him and am unsure what sizes to get. I believe some Hound/Model Man will fit and some 8-9 wigs-his feet are, I think 8.5 which is SD size, but wider which means maybe he would need a Model Man shoe. Does anyone have any answers out there? It would be appreciated for any input.
      Thanks alot.
    4. (wow, this thread never got any replies, huh?)

      Luckily, now I have my Mano, and maybe I can give you some help!
      I don't buy any clothes for my dolls, so I can't help you there,
      but I can tell you that some 8-9 wigs work on him, if they are
      stretchy they'll work okay on him, although they'll mostly be loose
      on him. I have tried 7-8 on mine (from JPopdolls), and they are a
      good fit, although the cap is a bit small, they fit snugly -- but you'll
      have to get them with bangs, if you chose to go with that size.
      9-10 is just too big for Mano (at least the wigs I've tried on him in
      that size, were too big). ^_________^

      Shoes, I've tried a couple DollHeart boots on him, some work some
      don't. It kind of depends on the type of shoe. If it has a pointy tip,
      it'll probably won't work, if it's wider than it might work.

      Eyes, I have tried 10-16mm on mine: 10 is way too small, 16mm way
      to big. 12mm depends on the material, I like the iris-sizes the best, but
      so far all I have are glass eyes with giant domes, so they don't work very
      well on Mano (avoid big paperweight/high-domed eyes). 14mm also works
      okay, but the irises are too large for my taste. Other than those little issues,
      I would recommend 12-14mm eyes, and just try to avoid high-domes, because
      they will interfere with how the eye sits, and fits inside the eye-well.

      Hope that helps a bit!

      - Enzyme ^.^
    5. Thanks!! I noticed no one seems to know about clothes!!!! I have been in touch with someone who MAY have something to fit him. When I get him, I will go from there, I guess. Anyone else out there have any Mano clothes suggestions? PLEASE!
    6. No problem! I hope someone can give you
      some help with the clothes issue -- I make
      all of my dolls clothes so I have no idea what
      brands would work for Mano.

      Maybe I'll link this to the general Mano-discussion
      thread, and someone there will come help here! ^___________^

      - Enzyme ^.^
    7. I'd accumulated this info up to page 19 of the thread, so if there is more now, I don't have it, but hopefully this helps.

      Where to Shop for Limhwa Limho Mano

      Dollmore pants/jeans do fit over his butt and hip area. They are snug and he sits funny in them, but they fit!!

      He can squeeze into SD16 khakis and cheerydoll jeans.

      4D Flax and Cassia style pant will fit (Flax seems to be discontinued). You can find them on the Seasons page of 4D (http://www.vier4d.com/)

      4D Hornbeam jeans, despite being SD17, will not fit him!! Neither will anything listed as SD13 that isn't super baggy.

      He can squeeze into Iplehouse SD-13 jeans (no longer on Iplehouse) and the zippered Iplehouse zipper cargos for Hound (also no longer there)
      *I figure its handy to have these if you catch them on the Marketplace.

      Petiteballerina on DoA has made up patterns for Mano and is probably taking commissions.
      *I have used her pattern, it works quite nicely. Currently attempting to get some low-rise Mano jeans from it.

      Stella Maris
      You can get pants from talented DOA member Marsh, she makes leather and fabric pants custom.

      He can wear SD13 Tony default pants.
      I've got a pair of Dollmore's older Hound-sized cargo pants that fit my Yukinojo's big SD16 butt and fit Mano too... but the waist sits way up high (grandpa-style XD). Mano can ju~ust squeeze into Volks's SD16 pants if they are fitted; they're fine if baggy.

      Senior Delf tops fit (but are short in the sleeve -if they are long sleeved).

      Iplehouse Hound dress shirts fit bit the snap style ones are snug (on a 1st ed chest, SMCs might not allow for the snaps to be done up) and cannot be done up at the collar as his Adam's apple gets in the way XD.
      Iplehouse Hound dress shirts with real buttons do fit him with room to spare.
      SD sized tees from Iplehouse may be too short in the waist or look funky as Mano has broader shoulders.

      4D Pyracantha jackets (for SD17) fit him so well, it comes in two styles (pattern wise) :3 (on the Fusion page of 4D)

      Magic Tailor knit hoodie sweaters fit him as well. I got mine 2nd hand, so I don't know how easy they are to find.

      Leeke 8-9 fit reasonably well (I recently tugged Sky's so its a bit over his ears which keeps the wig secure while not being really obvious).
      DOT wigs should fit him nicely.

      I bought my boy's current wig from Iplehouse as they offer the smaller sized YID wigs, it fits him really well!

      I have found that a variety of wigs in size 8/9 or size 9 fit my Luis fine, including Jpop, regular Monique's, Luts, some wigs by Posh Dolls + custom mohair wigs I have purchased. He has a head circumference of exactly 9".

      He can also wear Iplehouse fur wigs. They're shaped specially for tall narrow heads, and they have notches cut out for the ears!

      Senior Delf shoes should fit him quite nicely (I've tested him in boots and shoes, the boots are super easy, the shoes require loosening the laces and a bit of work but do fit).


      Eyeco eyes work well with his smaller size and eyewell shape.

      Gumdrops 12mm eyes fit really well in his head (only a tiny amount of gap) and give a very realistic eye size.

      One may need to use duct tape circles to get the eyes to stay in.

      I have used Luts Plastilina with no problems in my Mano.
      He's got 12mm glass eyes from Soom which leave some gaps on the side closest to his nose but aren't too bad.
      I'm expecting some 12mm high dome Gumdrops in True Olive soon, I'll let you know how they work.

      Accessories: Jewelry, belts, misc clothing bits

      Iplehouse ties will hang nicely on him (not too short, so long as you get the knot right XD)
      He was able to wear the Iplehouse fedora hat I had from a long while ago, but his ears can get in the way
      Be careful buying anything with a short length (like necklaces) or shirts fitted in the neck, they may not fit, he's got a big neck.
    8. Thank you so very much, Yuu-Chan. I appreciate this info a lot.
      Regards to you
    9. I am getting a boy and I was just wanting to bump this to see if there are any new things that people have found that fit this boy. Anyone try senior delf clothes? How about Dollheart sd boy clothes? Any info is greatly appreciated. ^_^
    10. Since we last updated Yuu-chan's list above: Stavros still hasn't gotten many new clothes, but the general rule seems to be "Hound-sized tops + SD16/17-sized bottoms".

      4D's pants for SD17 (except the skintight Hornbeam jeans) fit him perfectly. I can't get any Hound-size pants to even go over his butt. At least, not without a drawstring waist.

      SD16/17 tops also fit Mano, at least most of them that I have-- from Volks & 4D.

      DollHeart's SD sized clothes are WAY too small... those are SD13-size.... And since I suspect they use a Delf boy for a fit-model, they're even tight on Volks SD13s. Their outfits are usually very tailored, too; I've never seen a DollHeart outfit that was baggy-fitting enough that I'd bother to try it on Mano. He's odd shaped: long waist, long arms, big butt, wide chest.

      On the other hand: maybe some of the SD-size stuff by AnotherSpace (I buy thru Dollmore). They make a lot of big floppy oversized clothes, with short-length pants & sleeveless tops, so that limb-length doesn't matter much.

      I haven't tried SDF or SSDF clothes yet.... I bet some of those fit fine.
    11. Thank you for the info JennyNemesis! That is very helpful to know...especially about the hound pants. Hmmm...I do like 4D's stuff so I might just have to do that. I love AnotherSpace and I like some of the dollmore 70cm shirts, so I might try that too. I will post updates myself if I find some new stuff that fits that is not on the list. Thanks again! ^_^
    12. Having trouble finding the perfect pants for my Tan Mano, Cruz...I read the thread on what fits and what doesn't, but a definitive answer would help, I'm getting him soon, I got his hair and eyes, but he'll be naked. I was looking at Dollmore slim pants for the Glamour Model doll, hmmm, a couple centimeters too small in the hips. I just want one pair that fits! I may also be ordering from Marsh. Any suggestions?
    13. Some of the DOllmore model pants fit him. I actually had a pair of leather pants for the dollmore models that were too big in the waist for him, and I had to use a belt. My favorite pair of pants for him were some pants from Dollshe that had chains down the front.................he also wore some Hound size jeans I had quite well.
    14. Marsh pants! She makes the pants to order, so you know they'll fit your specific doll. She's having a sale right now, so you should check it out!
    15. Would anyone just happen to know anything about tuxedo sizes? I never realized how funky his measurements are >w< I'd rather buy a set, but the character it's for would probably prefer it custom made anyway =3=
    16. My Mano is lucky if he gets to wear a shirt, so I am sorry that I can&#8217;t be of any real help,
      but t I am hoping that the few other people that still own a Mano (here on DoA) will help
      you in your quest if this thread gets enough activity. Good luck! (:

      - Enzyme
    17. I was lucky that when I got my Mano second hand from the MP, the seller shipped some clothes with him, so I'm all set for now. But this thread is useful! /subscribes!
    18. Does anybody know if any of the Iplehouse superhero or other EID or SID pants will fit him?
    19. Necro-ing this thread to ask: Does anyone know a company that makes suits or business casual type clothes that will fit Mano? (larger chest piece) :3