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Clothing for Megi Dollzone

Sep 9, 2007

    1. My doll is a Megi by Dollzone...
      Which is dandy and all, but I've been having real fits finding clothes for him. Everyone aims their clothes towards the SD size dolls... :(

      What companies and such offer clothes that would fit him? Does anyone know? I've heard about Friends2bMade (something like that?) but that's really all I've hear of. Any suggestions?
    2. Thank you so much!
    3. I CAN sew. I'm not terribly GOOD at sewing >.> I've kind of convinced a friend to help me out. She likes to sew and really WANTS a doll (can't afford it) so she's willing to make me a few outfits...

      Thank you for the info!
    4. I just bought Mitch a bunch of clothes from Friends 2B Made. The pants are too short, but some of the cargo pants can be worn as pretty cute capris (and will thankfully fit up over that oversized DZ bum) and if you don't mind mandatory 3 quarter sleeves, some of the shirts are really adorable on him. It's a bit hit or miss, but most of the boy clothes I bought worked on him just fine.

      If you can catch her when she updates and hasn’t sold everything, I have an MSD shirt from LordSesshoumaruSama that Mitch lived in for the first month of his dollie life. :XD: Her pants are sized to a MNF though, so I wouldn't go there.

      I know there's at least one girl in the marketplace who makes pants sized to her Mo, so I'd suggest doing a search in the marketplace for DZ clothes and see what comes up. Maybe you'll get lucky?

      Hope this helps! I know it's a pain to find clothes for abnormally sized kids.
    5. Do dollmore clothes honestly fit a dollzone 1/4 boy as a matter a fact I just ordered Meigi boy in tanning skin. I have been a bit nervous about buying pants that are long enough
    6. Dollmore pants are... yes and no. The pair I have fits if my boy is standing and I pull them down (they like to ride up on his waist). If he sits they ride up quite a bit around the ankle and he looks like he's growing out of them. They're passable, but I eventually gave up and comissioned aka_spooky to make him a couple pairs of pants--they fit him better.
    7. I used to own a DZ Megi, and I had great success with buying pants from Lord Sess on the DOA clothes thread. All the pants I have purchased fit the long legged MSDs, including my very tall Latiblue Kahn.
    8. As Amet mentioned I specialize in DZ msd sized clothes. I have a DZ - Mo and DZ - Shoyo and I make all my pants to fit those extra long DZ legs :)
    9. I sew my boy's clothes. But I have bought some off Ebay from a seller called Mimiwoo. Her clothes fit my Megi fairly nice, even with those long legs! ^^
      (I do recommend asking her to fit them to the DZ measurement just incase!)
    10. Cool I will remember that aka_spooky. the only thing is I don't quite have enough posts to access the market place. I am not home much so I don't get as much time on the computer usually on my days off.

    11. The pants of the Dollmore suit I have are TOO SHORT. Almost everything for the typical MSD boy is too short because of the DZ extra-long legs. The casual pants being too short works for my Megi's character so I don't worry too much about it. Friends2bMade pants look like shorts or capris. You can see my Chikara at different posts if you are interested in seeing the clothes. There's also a Friends2bMade clothing post that shows the different clothing on different sculpts.

      I find most MSD shirts fit him fine. Some might be a little baggy, but they look cute on him.