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Clothing for Souldoll Double girls?

Jun 28, 2007

    1. Hello x3~

      I'd like to know whether Hye (height: 55cm) would be able to wear
      clothing for larger dolls (e.g. 60 cm) or not.
      I want to buy her some clothes, but I don't know what would fit her... :...(

      Thanks in advance~
    2. I don't see why clothing for a larger doll wouldn't fit your's....Some things might be a little baggy. Just shop around and make sure to look at the measurements.
    3. @KatsumiEVA
      thank you :)!
      i guess i'm just a little bit nervous and afraid of making mistakes, because i don't own a bjd yet.
    4. Hmm, from what I remember of the measurements Hye is smaller and slimmer than most girl dolls, so stuff might be baggy. If you buy clothes from Souldoll it shouldn't be a problem, but for others you should check the size. You might want to ask some doll dressmakers/ sellers about customizing the outfit for a perfect fit, especially if you are buying from those who tailor after receiving an order.

      congrats on your Hye!:)
    5. @ashlia
      maybe i'll be able to alter the dress if it's too baggy?

      i don't know any doll dressmakers, could you give me a link, please?

      thank you!
    6. you probably could alter, especially if you are good at sewing, or you coulsd always ask around on the forum for tips:)

      I like the stuff on dreamberry, and they mention they make the clothes after order, so perhaps you could ask them if they could tailor it to your doll's size

      I don't know any drssmakers as well( buy my stuff through group orders), but I know there a a number in the DOA marketplace as well as representatives of dressmakers( I don't have enough posts to access but you could go and take a look when you have enough).
      hope this helps :)
    7. thank you so much! it's very helpful. :)

      and the dreamberry stuff is just gorgeous! i'll ask them if it's possible :)
    8. Thanks ashlia!! I just checked out that site you gave eni and I really like some of their stuff.
    9. eni: you are welcome! I'm glad to be able to help. Hope you find some pretty clothes for your girl:)

      KatsumiEVA: You are welcome:) came across the site somehow and went *sigh* at some of their stuff
    10. @ ashlia: yeah, found some nice stuff :) thanks again
    11. For my next doll I'm looking at a Souldoll Double Hye (a girl). I looked at her measurements and it appears she's a little shorter than some of the other girls out there: Hye stands around 55 cm while the Super Dollfie 10 girls are 58 and and the SD13s are at 60.

      Do you think the SD10 clothing will fit her with some modifications, or will they be really too big? Anyone know of any companies that make something that will fit the Souldoll girls? The Souldoll clothes aren't what I'm looking for for this particular character.
    12. I think clothes from DollHeart will fit her just fine^^
    13. From what I've tried, SD13 stuff is consistently too big, no matter who makes it. I have a Dollheart uniform in that size, and it just swallows her. The skirt falls right off. The thing about Hye is that she has a tiny build, super tiny waist, but fairly big boobs compared to the rest of her.

      Some Dollfie Dream stuff seems to fit alright, and one Azone uniform fit pretty well. I've never had a chance to try SD10 specific clothes, but I don't really think they'd be a better size. The SD10 body is shorter than the SD13 and has smaller breasts, but the body is still fairly thick (it looks thicker than the SD13, actually). The clothes would probably still be too big on Hye.

      To see what I mean, this website had a nice comparison photo of the SD10 body vs SD13. http://shineblitzon.com/broken/comp/volksrange2.jpg

      Height isn't the main issue with Hye, it's definitely her small build. Regardless, she's a great doll, and if you're comfortable making adjustments to clothes, you should be fine.
    14. This is only a guess, because I've never seen a Souldoll Double girl in person, but from what *Sara* said, I think you might be happier with Customhouse clothes on your Hye than Volks clothes. Even though the newer CH girl bodies are a little bigger than old CH girls, they're still slimmer than most 60cmish girls, and the clothes I've bought recently seem to be the same smallish size as older CH clothes. The pants legs might be a little short and the bust a little tight on Hye, though.

      Another possibility, as *Sara* mentioned, is the Azone 60cm line of clothing, and (expanding on that) clothes made for 60cm Obitsu girls.

      There's a seller on eBay, idressdolls, who makes pretty, retro-look sundresses that fit Dollfie Dream and other slim girls (CH, Unidoll Limited, ShinyDoll); if that's your style, her listings are worth a glance.

      Oddly enough, the DollHeart mix & match separates for "SD10" are often too small for SD10 girls, and might work for Hye--especially, in my experience, the underwear sets and the tops.

      Another thought: clothes made for the 22-inch Tonner American Model might be a possibility (though, again, pants legs would probably be the wrong length).

      But yeah--be prepared to move a lot of snaps. I've been doing that since 2005 for my old-body CH Sia, and over time I've gotten pretty darn good at sewing snaps. ;)
    15. I've got a Hye and it's true most SD-clothing is too big on her. Although I bought a SD-dress from Dollmore and it fit her, I still think that it might be an exception. I'm not sure if Dollmores SD clothes are for their own SD-sized (Youth Dollmore) dolls or for SDs in general. If it is for their Youth Dolls then actually Dollmores SD-clothes might be a pretty good fit for Hye.

      I haven't tried out this but I also think that Luts Delf-clothes for girl might fit. They seem to be the same size and have pretty much the same slim build.
    16. Oh, hey, that jogged my memory: Ajumapama clothes are fitted on Delf girls, too! My CH and Unidoll girls wear Ajumapama things a lot, but I can't squeeze my SD10 or SD13 girl into most of them unless they're stretchy.
    17. I'm not sure. Hye is still considerably smaller than a Delf girl. I apologize for the poor lighting and blurry pic, but here's a comparison of the type two mature delf body with my Hye---


      She's very petite. :lol:
    18. Indeed she is! Now I'm itching to put her in a lineup with my ShinyDoll, old CH, and Unidoll girls . . . I would love to see how those bodies compare, since they (especially the ShinyDoll Thaasa I body) are the smallest "SD" girls I've seen in person. *looking around for someone with an equally oddball assortment of dolls to take a comparison picture*
    19. Wow Cynthia, thanks for the picure! That really gives me an idea of her size. Which is lithe. And small. And now I really don't know where I'm going to find the outfit I want for her. *sigh*
    20. Ooooo, that's *Sara*'s picture . . . I don't want to take credit for her work! I just quoted the image in my reply. ;)

      You know, if you have a really clear idea of the outfit you want, you could look in the Commissions forum for a seamstress who has one of the smaller girls, and who would be willing to send you pattern proofs to test and refine the fit on your Hye. People have been very nice and helpful to me when I was trying to find clothes for some of my oddball dolls! And a lot of good seamstresses like the challenge of fitting unusual dolls.