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Clothing for the new Dollshe DSAM boys?

May 24, 2009

    1. I plan on getting a new DSAM 32 Dollshe boy here in the near future.
      I just wanted to check to see since the company constructs their dolls differently now would that change what clothes are available to his very unique size.

      ~Lady Resin
    2. This is a great question and something that really does need to be addressed as some collectors are being incredibly surprised with the arrival of these overwhelmingly HUGE boys. They are not at all like the older dollshe bodies. The legs are just ginormously long, the arms long and the hands very large. They will not fit in the older dollshe clothing. However, that being said, once the commissioners begin getting the measurements for the leg/arm lengths, we should begin seeing more clothing options out there. The waist and chest measurements will allow certain items for 70cm-60cm to fit.

      For example:

      Dollheart pantaloons are a perfect fit.
      70cm leggings are a perfect fit through the waist, crotchdrop, too short in the legs.
      SD17 shorts are a perfect fit.
      Stretchy 60cm + shirts will fit with the sleeves pushed to the elbows.

      The issue is the arm/leg length.

      I don't know about shoes.
    3. Maybe you can give him to wear gym shoes ?
      I find a big size to my Hua Xi...His foot size:9.0X3.8cm...
      Size: external length 11CM, the internal length 10x3.8CM.
    4. Thanks this helps out a lot.:)
    5. I haven't had any issues with shoes yet. My boy can wear all of the Volks brand SD13 shoes I had for his previous shell. Their shoes tend to run huge, so the fit is just fine. Clothing is a problem. The SD17 sized 4D stuff I already had for him is too short. Pants hem hits the top of the shoe rather than the bottom of the heel where I prefer, so he's got serious highwaters when he sits. 4D SD17 shirts are short in the sleeves and can't button around the neck. Big baggy oversized sweaters from 4D fit like a regular sweater. I have some other pieces I haven't tried on yet, looks like the Mecha Angel boy shirts should still be okay.
    6. Was wondering if anybody knew of some other clothes that would fit the new bodies?
    7. I'm not sure if anybody has opened similar threads before... I think casual clothes are still not that difficult to get, BUT I do wonder among all suits you have tried on the Dollshe's new 74cm body, which is the best so far? Do those for 70cm's fit anyhow? e.g, SADOL.COM

      Thanks all~;)
    8. I bought a Dollshe sized suit from Iplehouse a few years ago and it was always a little too big for my Bermann. I gave the suit to St. James for her DSAM 32 boy and it fits him perfectly. If you can track down one of those second hand it would be worth it. Too bad Iplehouse isn't making things in that size anymore. :(
    9. I had a Luts SSDelf suit on my old Saint, and it was a touch big but still fit pretty well - they might fit the DSAM32, at least.
    10. I'm curious to know what fits the dsam bodies as well...

      thanks :)
    11. I found my file of measurement comparisons that may be useful. I'm just going to copy
      and paste here - some of it may be redundant (it would be easier to read I suppose
      if I made a chart :lol:).

      **Orijean of course refers to the new Dollshe DSAM bodies

      Souldoll Zenith measurements - compared to Orijean DSAM35

      > Height : 69 cm (Orijean 74 cm)
      > Girth of head : 22 cm (Orijean 21.5 cm)
      > Girth of neck : 12.5 cm (Orijean 11 cm)
      > Girth of chest : 29 cm (Orijean chest 28 cm)
      > Girth of waist : 21 cm (Orijean 21.5 cm)
      > Girth of hips : 27.5 cm (Orijean 28 cm)
      > Shoulder width(with arms) : 14.2 cm (Orijean 15 cm)
      > Girth of ankle : 10 cm (Orijean 9 cm)
      > Length of back(from cervicale to waist line) : 14 cm (Orijean 17 cm)
      > Length of "from shoulder to wrist :20 cm (Orijean 23 cm)
      > Length of "from ankle to waist :40.5 cm (Orijean 40 cm)
      > Foot length : 9.5 cm (Orijean 9.5 cm)
      >Foot width : 4 cm (Orijean 3.5 cm)

      Comparable (Hound vs. Orijean):

      **** Circumference of neck : (Hound) 11.2 cm (Orijean 11 cm)

      *******Width of shoulders : 15.8cm/(Orijean 15 cm)

      *******Chest: (Hound V1) 25.5 cm (Hound V2): 26.5 cm/Orijean 28 cm

      *******Hips circumference: (Hound) 25.5 cm/Orijean 28 cm

      ******* Length of "from shoulder to wrist" : 22cm/(Orijean 23)

      *********Length of back : 16cm/Orijean 17 cm

      ******** Circumference of waist : 22cm/Orijean 21.5

      ********** Length of "from hips to ankle" : 40.4cm/Orjean leg length 40 cm


      Orijean Measurements:

      Weight 1910g - 4.21 lbs

      Height 740mm - 74 cm

      Head circumference 215mm (8.5in)

      Eyeball 16mm (optimally designed for 16mm eyeballs), 18mm

      Neck girth 110mm - 11cm

      Chest 280mm - 28 cm

      Waist 215mm - 21.5 cm

      Hip - 28 cm

      Leg length 400mm - 40 cm

      Ankle girth 90mm - 9 cm

      Foot length 95mm - 9.5 cm

      Shoulder width 150mm 15 cm

      Back length 170mm - 17 cm

      Upper leg girth 150mm (thickest part) - 15 cm

      Lower leg girth 130mm (thickest part) - 13 cm

      Upper arm girth 100mm (thickest part) - 10 cm

      Lower arm girth 100mm (thickest part) - 10 cm

      Arm length 230mm - 23 cm

      Wrist girth 65mm - 6.5 cm

      Mecha Angel Measurements:

      weight: 2100g (4.63 lbs)

      Height: 80cm (Orijean 74cm)

      Eyes: 14mm (Orijean designed for 16mm)

      Wig: 9~10 (Orijean 8-9)

      Head Circumference: 24cm (9.45 in) (Orijean 8.5")

      Neck: 11cm (Orijean 11cm)

      Chest Cir.: 31.5 cm (Orijean 28 cm)

      Shoulder Width: 13cm (Orijean 15 cm)

      Arm Length: 21cm (Orijean 23 cm)

      Wrist Circ.: 6cm (Orijean 6.5 cm)

      Hip Length: 28 cm (Orijean 28 cm)

      Thigh Circumference: 16 cm (Orijean 15 cm)

      Leg Length: 40 cm (Orijean 40 cm)

      Ankle Circumference: 9 cm (Orijean 9 cm)

      Feet Length: 8.3 cm (Orijean 9.5 cm)


      Hounds stats (Luts data)

      * Eye size : 14mm (Diameter)

      * Tall : 70cm (Orijean 74 cm)

      * Circumference of Head : 23.5cm (Orijean 21.5 cm)

      * Circumference of neck : 11.2 cm (Orijean is 11cm)

      * Circumference of chest : 27.5cm (Orijean 28 cm)

      * Width of shoulders : 15.8cm (Orijean 15cm)

      * Length of "from shoulder to wrist" : 22cm (Orijean 23 cm)

      * Lenth of "from elbow to wrist" : 10.2cm (Orijean 12 cm)

      * Lenth of back : 16cm (Orijean 17 cm)

      * Circumference of waist : 22cm (21.5cm Orijean)

      * Circumference of hips : 27cm (Orijean 28cm)

      * Lenth of "from hips to ankle" : 40.4cm (Orijean 40 cm)

      * Lenth of "from knee to ankle" : 18cm (Orijean 22 cm)

      * Foot size : 8.7cm (Orijean 9.5)
    12. Allow me to add the Dollmore Glamor Model measurements:

      << body size >>

      * Tall : 75cm
      * Circumference of Head : 23cm
      * Circumference of neck : 12cm
      * Circumference of chest : 29cm
      * Circumference of waist : 23cm
      * Circumference of hips : 27.6cm
      * Width of shoulders : 16cm
      * Lenth of "from hips to ankle" : 43cm
      * Lenth of "from knee to ankle" : 24cm
      * Foot size : 10cm
      * Eye size : 14mm (Diameter)

      * Outfit: Model doll Male sized outfits fit well on Glamor Model Doll
      but In the case of Jacket, please request the custom-made.
      * Wig: 8-9 inches wigs fit well.
      * Shoes: some shoes of Model doll male sized ones fit tightly.
      The shoes for Glamor Model Doll will be released soon.
    13. MA button down shirts are too big in my opinion. I'm keen to know the places to get clothes for DSAM 32s boys too!!!
    14. idrisfynn: Thank you very much dear! I will try my best to find one :sweat

      ShirouHokuto: Thanks a lot dear! I do have a pair of SSDF shoes for my boy,they fit nicely. Never tried clothes though, I think the only problem would be lengthwise if there is any.:)
    15. link to animemom's DSAM32 Bernard wearing Dollmore & Raphael :)
    16. But do the glamour model doll shirts fit the DSAMs or would it be better to use just standard model doll shirts? I want to buy a few shirts for my new 32 thats comin in soon. DOnt know which size.
    17. I'm curious as well to know if Glamour Model or standard Model fit the dollshe's better! :3
    18. RemDeRosier,link to pix of DSAM32s boy wearing a slim set of Glamour Model suit. You can have a look dear,i think he still looks too fat....