Clothing for tinies question

Nov 11, 2005

    1. OK, I've had it.. so I've had to ask. For the better made clothes for itty bitty tinies, like PF, elfdoll clothes that cost a bit. What fasteners are they using? Sure, I've got Kelly clothes, some barbie clothes, brats boy clothes, but they use thin velcro or sew in elastic.

      My attempt at pants for my Elfdoll (Lyn) Sephra and a super tiny button


      I like the one button, but you need either seriously adept hands or a serious pair of hemostats to get that button done and undone. Since the pants are stretchy, I just don't undo the button and yank off the pants. I'm not totally happy about that, but I'll deal for now.

      I tried cords last night for my sister's Maeve but this time tried to sew a small pocket to hold some thin elastic. I didn't want to yank Sephra's shirt up since she's not overjoyed about how they look, since they make her feel frumpy, but she likes how they feel since the stretchy elastic is super comfy.


      So, what does the nicer clothing for pocket fairies, aga fairies, elfdolls and the like have for fasteners. Do I go the tiny velcro route, should I find tiny plastic snaps (which I have found on a couple of my kelly clothes,) or what?

      *note*I didn't post this in the sewing section since it's a question about tinies clothing and what appears on them*note*
    2. I use the tiny buttons . and I have a stash of vintage press studs which are super tiny
      I believe its so hard to get
      in fact very , very difficult to get really small fasteners, the smallest I have bought off Ebay is about 6-7 mm
      and I dont like Velcro so wont use it
      I got my last very small press studs ...about 4mm lot in a box of old sewing materials at a local antique shop :grin: but I have never found any to buy at a store in the UK that little
    3. Can I just say...I LOVE these. Love. Did you use a pattern or just sew from scratch? Nissa so needs some :)

      Also...who is the kitty/shirt with kitty's pic? Is that a Bratz thing?
    4. I took a pair of my own jeans to get the gist of the shape I'm looking for, measured Sephra's extremely tiny self and made a pretty crude pattern. Those were the third pair I made by hand and they just seem to work. The button is a pain, but since it's stretchy, I've been yanking them off when I change her into other outfits without undoing the button. They are handsewn and the seams are "glued" with fray-check so they don't fray. I've been experimenting with materials and that one just seems the happiest to deal with right now. I'm trying to see if I can get some machine sewing in, and hand sew the harder parts like the waist and pant leg hems. I could make you a pair while I bang my head against the wall with the loose fit one's I'm trying to make for Rosa. Having a serious problem with plumber's crack with this one...

      Rosa found me a tiny baby bratz Jade that has the cat and the cat shirt and underware. I couldn't find it anywhere where I am, but she managed to stumble into one and got it for me....(I've got a very nice sister!)

    5. LOL...we call that "an appearance by crack man" <G> Is there a flat elastic that you could use that would keep Rosa's at hip level? I would absolutely love to receive a pair, just let me know how much $$ :)

      Baby Bratz, eh? I will have to check here at TRU before I head back to California...thanks!
    6. I just came from Walmart and got some elastic thread. I think the flat elastic I'm using is just too big (and it's pretty small to begin with!), and so I went to the beading section instead. I'll have to try that when I redo the cords...

      I made another pair of the khaki colored pants last night when you mentioned your Nissa wanted a pair but this time about 90% of the pants are machine sewn and I think they came out pretty well... I'll send you pictures tomorrow when I get back to work...I think getting the button latched is still the hardest part... this new pair I think is a little looser in the hips... Sephra's been lounging in them since last night and she seems to be enjoying them...I just tugged them on her and didn't bother with the button... I love stretchy material sometimes... it's soooo forgiving... so long as it's not a knit....

      any more of this and I'll have to move this to the sewing section!

      Oh.... watch Nissa's arms when she's wearing tiny baby brats stuff... they ride up fierce when it comes to boobage like the little elfs... the monemoni sisters are flatter chested and so they don't ride up as much on them....
    7. Yeah, she's wearing a Bratz top now, and it's pretty much flash city. I robbed a lil Bratz of her coat and that holds it down some, so at least she's street legal <G> I ordered some elfdoll clothing, so hopefully that will be more "modest".

      Thanks for thinking of me during the pants sewing extravaganza! You don't know how much I appreciate it :)
    8. And here they are...aren't they the cutest thing???


      Nissa <3 's them :)
    9. Oh Clochette,

      She looks great! She's even standing in a way like she's very proud to have the pants. My poor Maeve looks like she has to go to the bathroom lately but I htink I need to rewire her.

      Margarita was telling me about how she made your pants last night and I'm hoping she makes me a pair since your material is different from the cords and the blue cords are very "stiff".

      We love those buttons - I horde the little bunch I have of them since they're not simple to get. I wish I had more time to make my tiny more things - I'm just happy my sister is much more obsessed with tinies so Maeve has more of a wardrobe. I'm sending her the few patterns I've made as I have a mini boy I'll need to concentrate on when he arrives.
    10. I have made shorts and pants for the tinies and I used hair rubber bands (really clear hair bands) for the elastic at the waist. I have found that I can't do any of the tiny clothes on the machine, I have sewn the ones I have made so far by hand.

    11. I've sewn quite a lot in the 1/6 scale and once you get past a certain degree of smallness, the machine just can't handle it. Anything under about a 2/8 seam allowance just gets dragged into the bobbin well of my machine.

      I expect that when my PF gets here I'll be doing quite a bit of sewing by hand. On the bright side, when the clothes are so small, even hand sewing doesn't take that long. I may have to invest in a pair of bifocals though! :)

    12. The dollar stores have the "reading" glasses in all strengths :-) I have tri-focals but they aren't strong enough for tiny hand sewing especially not dark on dark.
    13. Clochette..Thanks so much for posting the tiny little pants! I'm so glad they worked for you!

      I can say, that my prototype are done by hand until I like my seam allowance, then I do as much as I can make my poor machine do. I have discovered for super tiny pieces, I actually run a couple of back stitches on the machine, so there is enough material so it doesn't get caught in the bobbin, then grab the end of the string, and when you go forward, pull the string to lightly force the piece through... my problem is corners, so that's what I have to do. My small seam allowances seem OK, but I do move my sewing foot to the left when I think the piece is going to be tricky...

      By the way, I did manage to get my hands on 5mm snaps that are just small enough to work for the elfdoll clothing....woohoo! I got them from tiny zippers wasn't much use since they didn't have both the black and the silver, but she has both in stock. I have found a nice sewing elastic thread (it's about four embroidery threads thick) that's working pretty well, but I haven't solved the bulky knot to keep the darn thing in place.

      Gotta say, my min del re came in just before thanksgiving (yeah!), and she's wearing the yellow elfdoll outfit (one big shirt/dress thing with lettering)they used to keep min's in and that's got velcro in the back! I wasn't impressed by that... totally impressed with her, but not her clothes....
    14. Margarita, how would you use the elastic thread? By hand? Is it more for threading through a casing or actually sewing (like they do with elastic smocking) with it?
    15. I'm happy I haven't gotten to new glasses yet but them I'm near-sighted so I'd make a great watchmaker. A bright light has helped me with my tiny hand-sewing, sometimes the sheen from the thread makes if different from the material.

      I think I use the force too...
    16. You'll see when you get Rosa's cords... I make a tiny casing in the waistband and use a large needle to carefully thread it through. It says it elastic sewing thread, but it's not nearly small enough for any reasonable sewing needle....


      It looks like stringing elastic but way thinner....
    17. oooOOOOoooo

      I need some force... everytime I drive myself cross eyed!
    18. Well..looks like snaps have won! I got my 5mm snaps from which helps make them adjustable when doing a final here's what have finally came out...

      I said no to velcro and buttons are still an option, but these are just super easier to put on and not have to rely on stretchy material...I just need to find out where my mother-in-law found that blue plaid... I just love it!

      Thanks to everyone's helpfulness! (If I go on, it'll be in the sewing section.. I promise!)

      Now on to figure out how to calm Nirie's default's crazy!
    19. Ack!!! Such cuteness!!!!

      Those look like the Hub's lounge pants, actually. Are they flannel? Some of the patterns are that small.
    20. Margarita, she looks great in her new togs!! Brilliant work, well done.