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Clothing for tiny boys?

Jul 7, 2008

    1. I might buy a tiny boy (a Bobobie Eric, probably) in the future, but I was wondering where to buy clothes for him. I tried doing a search for this, but didn't get any results. I like the type of clothing shown on Rosen Lied's dolls, but Monday's dolls are all girls, so they don't offer boys' clothes in the right size.
    2. If you're getting a Bobobie Eric, I think they are the same size as Lati yellow? And I believe there are a lot of choices for Lati Yellow clothing. Check etsy.com, Spampy's stuff and of course Latidolls.com
    3. It's still so hard to find boy clothes.
    4. Like Ingiebee said, SPAMPY. She's made some adorable outfits for my two bobobie tiny boys.
    5. Thanks for the suggestions. I tried Etsy, but I only found one outfit for a boy and the latidoll only had a couple of schoolboy outfits. Unfortunately, I can't view Spampy's page until I get more posts, but I'll keep that in mind for later.
    6. I'm having the same problem finding clothes for my blue Bobobie Eric. Since I got him he's been running around in a blue cloth 'diaper' I made him..:lol: He looks like some alien Tarzan boy! 'lol'