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Clothing for Volks SD16 girls?

Dec 19, 2006

    1. Well I snoozed and I losed when VolksUSA sold their outfits for Olivia. Now the girl is mad at me and bored with the outfit she has. She's currently stealing Joe's and Link's stuff but they are so not gonna put up with that for long.

      My question is: Do any of the SD 13 girl clothes fit Olivia? Or Dollmore's Model clothing? Any other companies?

      Until Volks gets its act together and starts making clothes enmasse for their SD 16s I'll have to make do with what I can get.

      Thanks for any advice. I'm still rather new at BJDs.

    2. Well considering she was only released in July, and only approximately 102 were made, and only sold to people in the US, I'd say the amount of outfits she has now is very good.

      As for where to find clothes, there are a few seamstresses on the board who can sew for Olivia, off the top of my head I know marsh can sew pants/shorts and she does them very well ;)
    3. I just ordered the black corset outfit for Dollfie Dream from the Volks USA site, and it fits Olivia quite well! I was just taking a chance, but afraid it would be too tight around the shoulders, but it's great. Olivia is a bit taller than DD, so with the shorter skirt it's definitely a little mini dress, but it zips easily & no places that it pulls. The shoes that came with the outfit were another story - heels far too low for the high heeled SD16 foot (I didn't try the flat feet) So DD stuff might work for your girl!
    4. It's a great news to know DD clothes may fit SD16 girl.
      Does anyone know where can find high heel shoes for her (not from Volks)?
    5. If SD13 girls and Sd16 girls have the same sized foot then eluts and dollheart both carry high heeled shoes that will fit her. Also, if they have the same sized foot, some 22in Cissy shoes, mostly sandals, should work as well.

      Judging by her body shape, I wonder if 22in cissy clothes or 22in Tonner dolls clothes would fit her. Perhaps these would be worth looking in to? They have lots of "model" high fashiony clothes. ^_^ Good luck and let us know!
    6. The 22" Tonner outfits sort of fit. They don't really close well in the back but they are usable in a pinch. I wouldn't go out and buy any of the outfits just for Olivia though.

    7. My Cheery doll skirts for the SD 13 girls fit my Olivia quite nicely, unfortunately the tops do not - they are too tight as Olivia's back is wider. I haven't tried any of the tops. The model outfit that I bought doesn't fit her at all - good thing I was able to use parts of it for Lishe. Stretch knit tops for the SD 13 girls that I have bought from beachgirlnikita on ebay fit Olivia well too.
    8. I found that the 13doll Luts shoes fit Olivia's high heeled feet, but they have two different heel heights. The lower heeled ones look okay, but she won't stand. The descriptions don't make it clear which is which. The lower heeled ones did fit my SD13 with the high heeled feet, so at least they won't got to waste. And all my flat SD shoes fit Olivia's flat feet. (The Dollfie Dream Shoes fit the flat feet too)
    9. I would like to find a pair of boots for my Olivia: I have a pair of sd boots but they don't fit the high-heeled foot at all, it gets stuck half way, probably because the sole is flat; any suggestions?
    10. Well I took the plunge and ordered two outfits from Dollmore's Model Woman line and they fit like a dream. Here's a few snaps of Olivia in the Humming Sweater set and her lingerie top. The pants do stain horribly but I have saran wrap underneath to protect her. Also the only reason the length is good is because the pants are capri length on the Model body which is much longer than Olivia. The bust and waist fits quite well though.








      I did end up getting two of Olivia's official dresses from the Volks JP siute after 4 hours of ordering hell during their after event sale. By the time I got around to trying for the third, they were hopelessly sold out. I didn't even find out about the extra shoes till a few days later but they had sold out by then too.

      Had I known clothing for Olivia would be this hard to acquire I would have just not gotten her. Thank goodness for Dollmore!

      Now I just have to sort out shoes....

    11. I'm selling some Elfdoll clothing and someone asked if it would fit her Amelia (SD16) from Volks.

      I'm not sure, so could someone please tell me if it does or doesn't?
    12. It depends on the outfit. I got this one for my girls, and as it's made out of stretchy material (which I wasn't expecting), it fit Olivia quite well.


      The pants were a little short though, they end just above her ankles with the high heel feet.
      Taylored suits would probably be too small on her.
      I'm not sure if all the others are made out of the same material, but if it's stretchy in should be OK.
      Hope this helps,
      ~ Jay
    13. I'm finding the SD13 clothes I bought for my Elfdoll a bit big. The dolls are a bit shorter than regular SD13. But as b_o mentioned, it might work if it's a stretchier fabric or if there's enough of a seam to lengthen pants and sleeves.
    14. My elfdoll bottoms fit Olivia, but not the tops. The SD13 size things also fit - bottoms only. Olivia's back is wider therefore nothing in these sizes that I own do not fit her. If that dress is not stretchy - it probably won't fit.
    15. Anyone have any clothing updates?
    16. Just as the title says I would like to know if anyone has tried Dollmore's model clothing on Amelia. Thanks in advance.
    17. Sometimes they do sometimes they don't, I tried the model jeans and they are way too big in the hips and way too long. Stockings and such are also too long, A top I had made for the model doll did fit quite well though, thats my experience.
    18. "YES!"

      As in, I had to stuff the toes just a weeny bit for my SD13 HH foot girl to wear them (same size foot), but for the price and selection, I'm not gonna complain and will probably get more of them.

      I got the 90mm Gorgeous High Heels for her. They are SUPER sexy.

      http://vulpespraedatum.livejournal.com/7566.html I have some pics of my girl in them here. (warnings for artistic nude dollie shots.)