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Clothing & Shoes for Soom Mecha Angel guys?

Aug 10, 2008

    1. Hi everyone :fangirl:
      I'm thinking of buying a Soom Mecha Angel 80cm guy in the near future and I'm wondering if there will be clothes by other brands which could fit. Has anyone here ever bought any other clothes except of Soom for a Mecha Angel?
    2. My Corvi has only been wearig his Soom pants and long sweater for a few months now. I have a sleeveless Dollshe sized shirt from Cheerydoll that I've managed to squeeze him into but it's a little short at his waist.

      I haven't found anything else to fit him yet.
    3. TATA Paradise make all her things in Sabik size (so MA size) and they fit like a dream.
    4. Thanks so much for your hint! I found some great clothes at TATA now, I'm sure I'll buy when I finally get my Sabik :love

      Well, I think it's quite hard to find stuff for such large dolls like the Mecha Angels. I saw such great clothes by Heisejinyaou but I'm afraid they won't fit even they are close to such a size.
    5. I have to say that I love the Mecha Angels. However, I've been hesitant to buy one because of the clothing problem. The only solution I have is to make clothes that fit.
    6. I have a Sabik sized High Wizzard set from Heise. It is a little tight, but they do custom sizes so I got one mad eso it is possible.
    7. That is great news! I love Heise's outfits.
    8. I am happy to say I am getting a Sabik this week...I plan to add his size to my sewing.

      I would be interested if anyone knows if SD16 shirts fit his torso? That would be a great help pattern wise if I could start with a pattern I already have drafted.

      Do his hips fit in SD16 pants?
    9. dollmore tend to run on the large size in my experiance so maybe that would be a good place to try

      I have a dollmore model sized white shirt that fits my Sabik, also a grey tank top from them that fits ok.

      however I also have a knitted jacket from them and I doubt it would fit as it was tight and a strugle to get on to my 70cm boy, but I never was 100% convinced they sent me the right size ;sweat
    10. Marsh makes perfectly-fitting trousers in Mecha Angel size--you can find her sales thread in the Marketplace.

      And, Pam, SD16 shirts should fit around the torso, but they'll hit him around the navel instead of the hips. When I had my Sabik, I put him in SD16 and also Dollshe shirts; aside from the too-short body and sleeves, the fit was snug but acceptable. Pants, I can't say--I never tried to wrestle the big guy into anyone else's pants. ;)
    11. I've just purchased a MA and was wondering if there is any updated information out there on where to get clothing, shoes and wigs?

      Especially wigs, has anyone had any luck with certain brands/sizes?

    12. Soom measurements show his leg length as 40cm and the Dollmore models leg lengths are 41cm- so does he fit in dollmore model jeans????
    13. Hi, I'm working on making clothes for Sabik and possibly patterns.

      I have pants, a biker style jacket and turtleneck.

      I'm cleaning up the patterns right now for possible distribution or sale.
    14. my doll is unstrung so I can't confirm by trying them on but comparing waistband to Waistaband with a pair of SOOM MA trousers and a pair of Dollmore Jeans the MA trousers are about 1 cm longer, not a massive difference so I will try them on when I string him back together
    15. i know this is an older thread. But does anyone else know anywhere other than SOOM to buy clothes for Mecha Angels boys?:)
    16. At this point, I don't know if anyone's had much success yet. Though a few of us are working on making Clothing to sell in MA size. I should have Kimono ready in a few weeks.
    17. I think I only bought my MA Vega because he was a merman-- he never has to think about what he's going to wear. Clothes are sort of a nonissue. :XD: But I did buy him one set of clothes, directly from Soom, for the rare times when he has a human mood. Soom fits those clothes just right onto those willowy bodies. Mecha Angel has such a long waist & huge shoulders, despite being rail-thin, that even Hound/Model-size clothes don't usually seem to cover it.

      It's good to hear that Tata's Paradise & Marsh are making MA sized clothes, though! Someday, Lalyraa may decide that he wants to own two pairs of pants.

      I hear that Lordjestocost also has access to a MA fit-model... does lovely work.

      I think it depends on the head. My Vega can wear both 8-9 and 9-10 wigs, depending on the cut & stretchiness. But Vega is one of the smaller MA heads, I think. Sabik & Corvi seem bigger. Saiph & Deneb seem huge (is it an optical illusion, or are those girls bigger than their brothers in a lot of places?).

      I have had luck with Monique Gold Label, JPopdolls, KStarr, and Poshdolls. Pretty much any standard Large-size wig with stretchy caps are fine. I also have non-stretchy wigs by Volks, Leeke, & LUTS that fit him-- their 9-10s run big, sometimes so big that they need velcro & extra rubberbands.

      Soom's site has a decent selection of large-sized wigs too (I think they carry mostly leeke).
    18. My Sabik can fit my Model doll clothes. though the downside is the sleeves are a tad short but dont look too bad. and the pants come up high too but if you have boots on him then it covers it and you cant tell n.n

      i dont have the best pictures but here is my sabik wearing model doll clothes


      there is a shirt i have from drollmore thats big on my model doll but fits my Sabik pretty good. theres a black and white one and they are only $3 n.n

      as soon as i get to my computer i will show you what it looks like on him. the sleeves are a tad short on him but its not too bad in my opinion.

      Edit: Heres my Sabik wearing a model doll shirt aswell.

    19. wow your Sabik looks cool in the first pic

      So can you get clothes that are baggy looking and look stretchy etc? do you think they'd fit? like a big jacket or something
    20. Bumping this thread up because I'm also interested in knowing what clothes (other than Soom MA sized clothes) will definitely fit a Mecha Angel. As much as I love the Mecha Angel body, I don't think Hati (my future Sabik elf) will tolerate sitting around naked for long XD

      Let me see if I've got things right now..

      1) Some of the Dollmore stuff can fit a MA but not all of them
      2) Soom clothes are still the best for MAs (naturally...)
      3) Tata's Paradise and a few others mentioned above make clothes for MAs...

      Are there any other companies that sell clothes that MAs can wear? I'm not so much worried about pants for my boy (I'm going to grab him a pair of Soom MA pants eventually), I'm more interested in shirts and tops ^^