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Clothing & shoes for Zaoll?

Apr 21, 2009

    1. Is this the right section for this? :ablink:

      I really don't get what clothes are supposed to fit the Zaoll. She's such an odd size- even at DM's page I can't seem to see what clothes/shoes are made for her! *glares at nothing in particular*
    2. Hey, this is weird but I was on the larger doll forum and Zaoll was listed there. The only other doll listed in the "sticky" that was close to her size was dollndoll. The doll and doll dollfies didn't really show a good shot of the body. It seems even when the heights are the same (or close) the clothes can really vary (I guess it is like people). I hope someone with a Zaoll lets you know where they get their clothes. Good luck.
    3. Zaoll girls lose most of their height in their legs, as the rest of them is reasonablly proportionate to other SD girls. She doesn't have a large chest so you may find clothes fit loosely in the bust. She has reasonably wide hips though and thighs. So you find that although pants/skirts fit her around there they will be too long unless it's a cropped design. I bought an AnotherSpace dress for my girl and the skirt comes up to her ankles as oppose to her calves. The top is a bit loose in the waist but it's hidden somewhat by the outfit having a corsetted over-dress... thing.

      Normal length stockings are also too long on Zaoll, although obversely, I find that MSD stockings don't fit over her feet very well >_>. Knee high SD stockings usually work.

      Also if you have a Zaoll boy almost all SD boy clothes are (predictably) hillariously oversized :B. Though pants can fit because of the wide girly hips.
    4. My friend Tracy has made things for my Zaoll using her small busted Luts and they fit very well. They just need to be made short enough for her.

      SD shoes fit fine even the ones I use on my Elfdoll girls.
    5. Thanks for the answers ppl~

      Patrice S: How big should the shoes be then? Her feet are 7cm, right?

      DevKimiko: Zaoll boy? You mean a modded Zaoll girl?

    6. Yeah, modded Zaoll girl-> boy (should have mentioned that)

      I have one pair of SD shoes for my girl and they fit well. MSD shoes are way too small.
    7. Zaoll is big enough in the torso for most SD10 clothes. She just has those short legs.

      Her feet are not small either, they are just quite short toe to heel. The actual height and width of the foot is as big as a Volks SD10, so shoes which fit SD10 should fit her.
    8. Also be careful of buying knee high boots, they'll be longer on the shorter zaoll legs. I bought boots for Eiji but he can't sit in them because the leg of them goes past his knee.

      But yeah, everything all the others have said. Normal size, but the arms and legs are shorter. Eiji fits SDF pants, but I have to roll them up. Same with his tops.

      And dollmore will make a lot of thing they have in zaoll size if you ask. Eiji wears a pair of their black skinny pants. Just remember to ask, be nice, and you should be able to get quite a few things made for her or... him as it is for some of us XD
    9. I've got 2 Dollmore SD dresses that I bought for my Elfdoll. They don't fit her (too busty) but are perfect on my Zaoll. Sleeves are a bit long though, as is the length.

      SD dresses and tops generally work, just a little bit loose in the waist.
    10. I just had to show everyone these boots I found for my Zaoll! I was in the local garage when I spotted these air fresheners in the shape of little ugg style boots and I thought I'd give them a go as I've found it hard getting my Zaoll shoes, I was so happy when they turned out to be a perfect fit!
    11. Those uggs are perfect, how in the world are they supposed to be air fresheners? LOL.

      So, when is Dollmore supposed to add outfits for her? I love the sculptor for their dolls, the hands are so beautiful. I'm sure its the same person that sculpted the Banji and Narsha dolls, so pretty! How long have they been around? Only since April or so?
    12. My Zaoll Muse will be 3 years old on January 10. I ordered her the first night she became available in November 2006.

    13. Wow, I just discovered them :D LOL
    14. Do Iplehouse JID clothes work?
    15. I've been making Zaoll tops to sell recently, and having made for a lot of other sizes I can tell you they have the torso/shoulder width of an SD, but the torso/arm length of an MSD. I basically make shorter SD tops with MSD sleeves attached to them. If you have some basic sewing skills and are okay with cutting things shorter, you can get SD tops and pants, and just take up the sleeve and hem length to fit.
    16. I've had a little experiment with some of my JID clothes and the answer is that some of them do fit, here's my Zaoll in the underwear set which is such a perfect fit you'd think it was made for her! Also the Trapeze outfit from my Tatiana which was a bit of a struggle but once I got it on it was ok!
      I think the things that are close fitting on a JID may be a bit small but stretchy/baggy things are fine. Oddly I have a skirt from a YID SD sized Iple outfit which my Zaoll is wearing in the pic I posted further up this thread! So she fits in MSD and SD Iplehouse clothes it seems!

    17. Haha, they had little sachets of the air freshener stuff in them, but it smelled like the inside of a car and made me feel sick so I took them out and put the boots through the wash!
    18. Thanks weirdsparkle and kawaii_mon! I was actually thinking more JID boy clothes, since I have one and it would be nice if they could share.
    19. honestrabbit got this dress from Elfdoll with his Vivien and it fits my Zaoll perfectly:)
    20. wasn't there like... a really huge thread about clothing for zaoll before? Ô_o

      I've heard JID boy tops fit. someone bought a jacket she/he said you had to remove the hands in order to be able to put on the jacket.

      but does anyone know their shoulder widht?