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Clothing that fits Angel of Dream Rao?

Sep 1, 2010

    1. So I'm planning on purchasing an Angel of Dream Rao and I wanted to know what kind of clothing fits. I know that clothing from the company should fit, but I don't know a lot about how big or small it should be to fit the doll properly or if I made clothing what the measurements would have to be.

      The measurements are:
      Height:44 cm
      Circumference of head:18.5 cm
      Circumference of neck:7 cm
      Shoulder width:9 cm
      Length of arm:13 cm
      Bust:19 cm
      Waist:14.5 cm
      Hips:18.5 cm
      Length of leg:23 cm
      Circumference of thigh:11 cm
      Circumference of calf:8 cm
      Length of foot:5.8 cm
    2. hi!
      I've actually got an AOD Rao myself :3
      In terms of buying clothes that are non-AOD, look at the companies dolls of a similar size(MSD)- they usually list measurements as AOD does, though in some cases you may have to do some digging, the important measurements to consider are bust and waist. because thats where it'll 'hang' on her and so on and obviously if your buying a dress the feet measurements won't matter XD

      in terms of making clothes? those are the measuremets right there, I however suggest making simple things until she arrives cause otherwise you may have a lot of adjustments to make :c

      hope I helped! I look forward to photos!
    3. Thanks! Which section did you order from? Did they fit correctly?

      : Thanks for the advice!
      I was worried that if I followed that exactly I won't be able to be the clothes on.
    4. I own an AoD Rao, my Cecilia. From my experience, most any normal MSD-sized clothing fits her. She is a slim-mini, so some pieces may be just a liiiiiittle bit big on her, like Dollmore shirts, for example. But all in all, you shouldn't have any trouble clothing her.

      All my MSD clothing is either custom made, or from Dollmore, and they all fit her just fine.

      Congratulations on your new Rao! <3
    5. Cool! That's really good news! :)
    6. She's a standard MSD. Most MSD and 1/4 clothing should fit her. Everything might not be perfect, but she's not too hard a size to fit. :D
    7. Do any of you know where to find Gothic/Victorian/Lolita dresses or patterns for them?
    8. Try running a search in the sewing, wig-making and jewelry subforum. There are several patterns there. You can search the marketplace for dresses when you gain access.
    9. Do any other clothes fit Angel of Dream Rao, such as clothes from other dolls? For example, if I go to Gigi's Doll Store would I be able to find clothes from another doll that fit?
    10. Short answer: yes.

      Long answer: Not as well. Gigi's is a special case, since she has a back room full of vintage doll clothing and you can try things on to your heart's content. You may also find things on dolls at toys r' us or target -- for instance, I know Dora the Explorer doll clothes fit my Dollmore Miro, and Friends 2 B Made clothing also fits MSDs. However, much of it may need tailoring down or up.
    11. What about BFC Ink dolls clothes (they seem like a pretty close match)?
    12. Melfina is my AOD Meng Ya Qi (Opened Eyed Head). Melfina fits some of Mattel Ken doll shirts (He's Barbie's boyfriend), but they are short/tight on her. I've bought some 18 inch Doll dress patterns in hopes of re-sizing them to fit her.