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Clothing that fits Dream of Teen (DoT) girls?

Oct 25, 2006

    1. I just put in an order for a Shall, but I want some clothing to be waiting for her when she gets here. Anyone got any good shops of links were I can get clothing that I KNOW will fit her?
    2. I am planning on buying a DOD DOT Shall, and was curious about a few things.
      I looked at a few other posts on the site, and noticed that some people use dreamdoll.net for some of the clothes.
      Some of the links are severely outdated, and I was wanting to know if there were an other places that sell clothes.

      Other than that DOT Shall will be my first, and is there any tips anyone can give to a noob ^^

    3. Ok?
      No help I guess.

      Do I need to put more information or what?
    4. I needs information too...D:
      that's why i bump! :)
    5. Well, I'm interested in getting a DOD Shall as one of my next dolls. I don't really like the wigs/clothes Dream of Doll offers. So I just have a few questions that I would some help with. ^^

      What size Luts wig fits DoT girls?
      What body option is better? The 'old' body, or the 'new' one?
      Where else can I find clothes to fit Shall?

      It'd be a great help if I could find some answers~ :aheartbea
      Sorry if this is in the wrong place. >< I looked around for a DOD discussion thread but I couldn't find it.
    6. I just buy SD sized clothes for my Shall, and so far, so good. =)
    7. So far all the SD size clothes fitted her well. Dollheart ones are defiantly fit. Musedoll one mostly fit although sometimes I find the shoulder just a little be tight but still fit in.
      My only Luts wig fit her and she is a standard SD size head I usually get her Size 8-9 wig.
      Not got the new body so I can't tell but I am pretty happy with the old version.
      I love my Shall very much I think you will like her too.
    8. From what I've been reading around the dollmore clothes will fit DOT Shall
      And some Luts clothes will fit her.
      There has been some others but I can't remember right now ><

      *Edit: Looks like all of the dollmore shoes for SD will fit fine on Shall but the clothes for SD might be a little tight for the shoulders, atleast from what I've been researching on

    9. Eluts.com clothes that fit a senior delf girl, seem to fit too although the bust might be smaller, and the sleeves might be a little to small.
      I will have to see about this and order some clothes from luts and see if those will fit her.

    10. I am not to sure if this topic has been pinned up on this board yet but I have not found any so I might as well shoot away. If this is in the wrong section, do correct me.

      So, I was halfway looking around DOD for a friend of mine wanted a BJD and I was planning on getting her one for her birthday, and I chose Shall, but the problem is, the clothes were highly expensive, the good ones I mean. What clothes could fit them? American Girl doll clothes? Do they fit nicely? Sorry for my stupidity.:doh
    11. The only thing I can tell you is to do some more research. Most doll clothes cost around the same as people clothes, and a lot cost more. I don't think many American Girl clothes fit bjd's at all.

      If you do a search on the forum for DOT girl clothes, you'll probably come up with other things that will fit Shall besides just the clothes the DOD makes, but any nice clothing is going to be expensive regardless of where you get it from.
    12. I've noticed that many people own DoT girls but for some reason they don't seem to answer this thread...:sweat

      Perhaps someone should start checking the Galleries for various DoT girls, figuring out what they are wearing in the photo shoots and reporting it back here.
    13. I have a Shall coming as well. I ordered some clothes through Dollmore so I will let everyone know how they fit. She will be my first too.
    14. I have a DOT Shall, Volks SD13 and an Ipplehouse. They're all about the same height (around 58cm) and have overall similar proportions (bust and hip measurements). They all share the clothing and they seem to fit DOT Shall well. I have SD sized clothing from Volks, Dollheart (shoes as well SD/ SD13 sized), and Dollmore.

      I also discovered this measurement comparison chart:

      I'm not an expert, and I can't sew to save my life ( a big bummer in this hobby), but I do hope that this information is useful to you. Congrats on your new dolls :).
    15. For DoT girl shoes discussion:

      Pictures of fit:

      I've read from a few people on here (particularly on the above thread there are pictures) that Musedoll separates and shoes fit nicely. Not sure yet about dresses, but I am planning on ordering some and can update when I find out.

      Items that I've tried:

      Luts Mature Delf

      Clothing made from Luts mature delf measurements seem to fit nicely. Though, I have not yet purchased any clothing from the store. Just clothing made custom to the mature delf body by an independent seamstress.

      Dollheart SD13 BOY
      The pants fit great!! :D haha. Yes, the boy pants. :P The length was perfect, the hip width just a tad loose fit, enought that it was not form-fitting.

      Dollheart for SD/SD13 girl
      Some fits superbly. Other items (particuarly the Cherry Romance or other items that were made to be slightly fitted in areas) were too big/loose on the hips. DoT girl new body has an hour glass figure, so the stretchy pants or bloomers always go too far up and become baggy at the waist.

      Volks SD/SD13 for girl
      I only have the Volks Crystal outfit. Fit of jacket, shoes, shirt, and pants are perfect.
      However: Though Volks default (stretchy panties that come with standard SD girls fit great, I purchased the lacey bra and panties set and they are WAY too big. The panties fall off and look like diapers. The bra cups fit nicely, but the back must be held together with safety pins.

      Dream of Doll
      (of course)

      Atelier Arcadia
      She uses a DoT as one of her models and I believe that you can request the slimmer SD size when ordering.

      Hope this helps and that others also post some more intel xD ~*~
    16. Maybe can try volks SD or DD outfit...it works for my friend....
    17. When I have received my DoT doll -- I will be sure to update where I have found clothing which fits, successfully. Getting information for these types of dolls should NOT be so difficult.


      I will gladly provide/share successful information the moment I have information to share!

    18. I found an outfit and pair of shoes at Doll-Zone (they are 1/3 size) Does anyone know if they would fit a DOT girl?
    19. I guess I'll bump this. xD
      I would love to know if Musedoll dresses fit DoT Shall. A Shall will be my first, and I love the clothes on Musedoll. I heard that the shoes fit well, but I really must know about the dresses. D:

      Here are the measurements of the new girl body for DoT (some I wasn't able to make out, the words are a little messy):[FONT=µ¸¿ò][FONT=±¼¸²]
      Girth of Neck: [/FONT]
      Width of Shoulder:
      [/FONT] 9cm[/FONT][FONT=µ¸¿ò][FONT=±¼¸²]
      Girth of Chest
      :[/FONT] 23.5cm[/FONT][FONT=µ¸¿ò][FONT=±¼¸²]
      Girth of Waist
      :[/FONT] 16cm[/FONT][FONT=µ¸¿ò][FONT=±¼¸²]
      Girth of Heap:
      [/FONT] 25cm (I think it's really hip?)[/FONT][FONT=µ¸¿ò]
      The length from back-neck point to waist (back length)
      : 9.5cm[/FONT][FONT=µ¸¿ò]
      The length from the bust point to waist line (front length)
      : 11.5cm[/FONT][FONT=µ¸¿ò]
      Girth of Thigh
      : 13.5cm[/FONT]
      [FONT=µ¸¿ò]The length of leg: 31cm[/FONT]
      [FONT=µ¸¿ò]The Length of pants (from the waist line to the ankle): 36cm[/FONT]

      [FONT=µ¸¿ò]Here are Musedoll girl measurements:[/FONT]
      Height : 58.5 cm
      Circumference of head : 20.5 cm (8.5 inch)
      Circumference of neck : 8.3 cm
      Wide of shoulder: 9 cm
      Circumference of chest: 22.5 cm
      Circumference of Waist: 14.5 cm
      Circumference of Hip : 24 cm
      Foot size : 7cm