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Clothing to fit AoD (Angel of Dream) boys?

Mar 16, 2008

    1. What clothes fit 1/3 AOD boys?
    2. I've found they fit most sd sizes, clothes for 60cm dolls
    3. hey. someone prpbably already asked this, but i couldnt find a matching one. (my searching skills are non-existant)

      but i was wondering which would be a better fit for the 1/3 AOD boy body, CP Delf clothes or CP Seinor Delf clothes.
      im dying to get some of the CP SDelf outfits, but im not too sure about the fit:sweat
      any help apreciated:aheartbea
    4. I'm thinking SDF clothes would fit a bit better, and if they're a bit big you can trim them back.
    5. I have a Delf boy and an AoD boy.
      Delf boy trousers will definitely be snug on an AoD body. I have two pair of jeans that are way too tight around the AoD crotch and a pair of crgo pants that fit both dollls without a problem (perhaps cuz cargo pants have a baggy design).
      Tops and shirts can vary too. I have a shirt that fits both dolls wonderfully and another that is too baggy on the Delf but perfect on the AoD.

      I can't help you with the SDF though, sorry.
    6. Don't know if this belongs here but I really couldn't figure out where to post, other than buying and shipping possibly.

      Does this work? I know even the DOT size doll is a little bigger than AOD boys but I have heard that AOD models have thicker builds than most? And I really like the DOD designs. If this doesn't work, would any of you know a site with similar clothing designs that would fit an AOD boy?
    7. So far I've been finding stuff on ebay for my AOD boy, there are people on there that sell SD sized clothes but will alter to the measurements you need. Also have been just comparing measurements and luts SDF clothes seem to be a good fit
    8. Hi ^^
      I just ordered some SD13-sized clothes for my Ryu, who will be on an AOD body, from Dollmore.
      It just occured to me that SD13 boys and AOD boys aren't quite the same size ... but does anybody know how well clothes from dollmore fit? And since AOD doesn't have any clothes being sold on their site, can anybody else recommend any other good sites?
      Thanks~ :3
    9. Am I understanding that you bought Dollmore SD size clothing?

      60cm Dollmore Adam boys are actually very small and skinny compared to a Volks boy but they tend to make their clothing on the large side so it should be okay. Clothing sized to fit a Volks SD13 or a Senior Delf it should fit your AoD.