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Clothing to fit Supia60 girls?

Mar 22, 2006

    1. I need help.. I'm looking for cloth for my new girl.
      Here's the detailed measurement:
      length of legs-27cm,
      head size-9 inch,

      And here's elfdoll measurement
      Height: 60cm (24.5")
      Weight: 1.5kg
      Circumference of Head: 21cm (8.57")
      Circumference of Neck: 19cm (7.75")
      Circumference of Chest: 24cm (smaller breasts),25cm (bigger breasts), (9.5")
      Width of shoulders: 16cm (6.53")
      Length of 'from Shoulders to Wrist': 20cm (8.16")
      Length of 'from elbow to wrist': 10cm (4.08")
      Circumference of waist: 19cm (7.75")
      Circumference of hips: 26cm (10.6")
      Length of Legs: 28cm (11.42")
      Length of Feet: 7.2cm (2.93")

      And I'm very interested in elfdoll outfits..they are just very very nice, but then i have checked and found that elfdoll's bust is only around 24-25...

      Would u please let me know if i can use elfdoll's outfit on my girl's body..

      Any suggestion would be truly appreciate.
    2. Which doll do you have? People who have the same one may be able to help, even if they didn't know their doll's measurements offhand :)

      -- Andi <3
    3. I second Ashbet, which girl do you have? That would help very much.

    4. It's a pity that I can't find any nude pictures of the 60cm Supia - it's a tad difficult to judge...

      But if I were to guess based on the nude mini-sup pictures and what the 60cm looks like - she looks to have rather broad hips and quite slender shoulders. In many ways the Supia remind me of the Unoss.

      The Elfdoll Rainy doll is very hippy. Especially the tighs are very broad. A pair of trousers made for a Rainy doll might be loose around the behind and tighs. This might of course also affect skirts if they are figure hugging.
      The Rainy doll's other measurements are not remarkable. Clothes made Rainy dolls' should fit most other dolls.
    5. Yep, I have a harder time finding clothes for my Rainy dolls than anything (I got the big boobie one). Pants are hard to get over the hips, but one you do, they can look nice, shirts rarely button or snap at the top and middle unless the fabric is stretchy. As for the shoulder shape, I think Rainy dolls seem a bit wider too. I've seen some comparison shots of Lishe, Rainy and Shall and the Rainy doll was significantly curvier in pretty much all places.
    6. I was just wondering if anyone knew what clothes the supia 60 can fit into. all I know is that tshirts for dollmore boys and the iplehouse hound size shirts fit her.
      pants, dresses, etc. I have no idea. any ideas? it would be a great help if you could post clothes that are known to fit and not fit. recommendations would also be lovely.

      thanks all!
    7. I've had trouble finding clothes that fit her, too, so I just make them. Sorry!
    8. thanks anyway :)
    9. A teensy bump. Anyone else have any ideas?
    10. they have lovely clothing on the supia site now, specially made for the supia girls! including lots of pretty shoes! I think it's quite new. but their beautifull!
    11. Things made for Supia Roda will not fit Supia 60. Roda is much more slender. I have seen her pictured in a Dollheart boy outfit (Hell Warrior, I believe the name was.) I sew, so I made her an outfit:


      She's a gorgeous girl and very photogenic, but she is difficult to buy clothes for because her proportions are scaled larger than most 60cm bjd girls.

      Here's another pic just 'cause (I love my girl.) If you sew, or want to learn, she has a nice torso for fitting--much easier than Lishe to work withl
    12. Hi everyone,

      Does SD13/SD10 clothing fit Supia 60cm girls well (ie. Volks size/Luts size etc)?
    13. Hello! I bought the Luts Balloon Set for SD girls for my Supia Roda and it fits her pretty well. The tights fit with a bit of tugging, but the one piece and shirt were slightly loose. Hope this helps :daisy
    14. Thanks for your reply. ^___^ Would you say Supia 60 torso are smaller than regular SD sized girls? I read that they have rather wide hips.

      Do you have problems with pants in particular? TIA. :D

      Bump as well... more information is appreciated! :aheartbea