Clothing your Delf girl - discussion thread! Ask your questions here!

Aug 20, 2004

    1. Hi there,

      How well will Azone clothing fit my CP Lishe doll? I'm thinking of getting her some stuff, but I don't really want to waste my money or time if they're not going to be a good fit. I know some folks here get Azone clothes for 60cm dolls for their Super Dollfies, so I thought here'd be a good place to start.

    2. Hi,

      I have got Azone pants, and t-shirts, and they are a perfect fit on my Lutts boy. I think the girl stuff should fit too ^_^ :daisy
    3. The only outfit I have that posed problems was the fairies of darkness outfit, it only really fits my DD because the skirt waist/bodice is so fitted. The plaid bondage paints are tight on the sd13 but they fit. Use your judgement!
    4. I have a Lishe, and got some azone 60cm jeans. They fit almost perfect, except the snap in the front at the top of the waist is ever so slightly snug. So they won't stay closed if she sits down. I am gonna move the snap over just a tad and see if that helps. Oh and the length is very long too, but again not a huge problem as she looks like she has extra long pants.

      The is a photo with Soo wearing the jeans but she is sitting down, so not sure you can see too much. Notice that the pants opened, and I think you will notice the length next to Lishe who is wearing Posh Dolls cords.
    5. Hi

      I have bought the boots and a school uniform, IE blazer shirt skirt stocking and tie, they fit lovely, got them of Ebay... (pics on my site under my photos)

      my girl is a Soo Speical white skin, hope that helps.
    6. Hi there- This is my first post, as I am expecting my Lishe to arrive on Friday or Monday (according to EMS). I am trying to buy her a small wardrobe so that she will not be dressed in a burlap sack, and I have a question:
      Does anyone know if SD 13 sized clothing will fit her? My concern is that her breasts and shoulders are slightly different than Volks SD 13. If anyone can let me know, I can go ahead and order some outfits I had my eye on! Thanks a lot...
      I am excited about posting pictures of her once she is settled in!

    7. *poke* EMS deliveres on Saturdays and Sundays too ^_^
      I have a Dark Elf Soo on a Lishe body and I have no problems fitting her into most SD10 clothing, though some shirts are a little tight in the chest. SD13 clothing should work fine too. ^_^
    8. I can't wait to see her! Congratulations!! I have some SD clothes - it appears that the pants can be a little snug in the waist/hips, but I have made them fit! :D All tops I've tried - of any maker, including teddy bear clothes! - have fit. Amazing! It would seem that her ample bosom doesn't cause too much of a problem. Of course, I don't have a ton of clothing... Maybe other folks with more SD clothes can chime in. The pants are a little short, but not so much that it bothers me. Of course, my girls sit around in their lingerie a lot, so clothing isn't much of a problem! {{chuckle}}

      Did you order a default faceup, or did you ask for anything different? Can't wait to see your girl! My Lishe's are waving at you! :grin:


      PS - Be careful, Lishe is addictive!
    9. hehe, so now I'll be watching out the window ALL WEEKEND for her to arrive!! That's great that they deliver 7 days a week...
      I had better get busy and order those clothes then... she will have to deal with being scantily clad for another week or so! Thanks for replying...

      Oh, and Steph, I did get her with a face up...I requested dark lips and "dramatic" eyes... I am curious to see how the artist interprets that! I'll take pictures as soon as possible once she is unwrapped...

      Now I must head off to work to pay for her.... haha...
    10. So tops fit fine, but Lishe's hips are wider than an SD13's, and her legs are longer? Hmm.
    11. I was thinking of buying a cute top I saw on Domoyu. It's for a Happy Doll. Does anybody know if it will fit a Dark Elf Soo?
    12. I don't know for sure if it will fit a Dark Elf Soo, because I don't have one, but I do have a Happydoll Margo. She's about 10 inches around the chest, so if your Soo's measurement is similar, it would probably fit.
    13. :D Thanks I'll measure her tonight.
    14. Hi...

      Im pretty new to the world of BJD and am going to order a Lishe in a few weeks (my first..Im so excited!!)

      I wanted to order some clothes with her at the same time from the Luts website, and was wondering if the clothes they have for the boy delfs would look and fit Lishe ok....

      Thanks for the help :daisy
    15. It depends on which clothes you're thinking of, but the answer is most likely. Of course, they will probably be baggy. I've seen pics of boy pants on delf girls and they seem all right, just like loose, baggy girl pants. Same for tops - they wouldn't be perfectly fitted. But if that's what you're going for I think it should be fine. If you got something very stiff and immobile for her torso, you might have to worry about boobs, but most delf clothes are somewhat adaptable, I think.
    16. Okay - not sure if this has been asked... but I didnt know what to search for @[email protected];;;

      I just ordered my CP Soony... and she has the mature body. What clothing will fit her? Will normal SD13 clothing fit her? What about SD10? And for shoes? @[email protected]
    17. SD13 fits just fine and they use SD13 or Sd sized shoes :3 Tight SD clothing might be a little loose, since CP girl are more slender.
    18. She won't be able to wear SD13 girls' *high-heeled* shoes (the ones that require the special high-heeled feet), but she can definitely wear heels and platforms in SD/SD-13 girls' sizes. So far, everything I've put on Jessamine has fit well, and I've bought things that are "SD-sized" or "SD13-sized" or "CP sized".

      The only thing I've had an issue with is that the satin-and-lace panties that came with her black Dollmore corset were a little tight over her "Lishe-booty" . . . regular black lace underwear from Dollmore fit fine, though.

      If there's something in particular that you wind up looking at, feel free to post about it, and I'm sure that one of us with a Luts mature girl will be able to help you out!!

      *eeee, Soony love!!*

      -- Andi :D
    19. I just ordered my Soo angel elf about a week ago, and I am trying to build up her wardrobe with a couple options before she gets here so she won't fuss at me that she has nothing to wear. There are some clothes I really like at Dollmore, but unfortunately I'm concerned that the mature CP girl body might not fit in them. My friend has a Lishe and has said that fitting her for pants can be a trial cause she has a very shapely butt, and also I think some of the tighter shirts might not fit over her breasts. There is one pair of pants and one shirt in particular I'm curious about, so I'd like to know if anyone has experience with these clothes with a mature body and if they know if they would fit.
      The pants are these:
      The shirt is this one:
      Any advice would be great! Thanks a bunch~!
    20. yup, my Lishe´s bootyliciousXD

      weel so far the major issue has been her waist IMO. See I had some stuff made for her, and yeah , slim fittnig pants but loose at the waist
      The breasts can be an issue too, they´re big but her chest is narrower than in other dolls, I think (she´s my only BJD...yet;))...but every time
      I get something for her that is said to be SD13 size it´s too wide...anyway it´s no big deal and the clothes looks fine on her...sorry , can´t provide any info on dollmore clothes as I don´t have any
      hope this is a little help^^