CoA is blank, advice please.

Jul 12, 2017

    1. My Dikadoll Feng Ling arrived today. I ordered him from Alice's Collections, and he came in a lovely box, with silk bag, lining, a stringing instructions card and a CoA. But the certificate is blank. It has spaces for name, DOB and "doll administrator" but none of them are filled in. All my other heads & dolls (not bodies) came with CoAs filled in. Is this normal or is it supposed to be written on?

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    2. It should have been written on, I assume. All of the COAs I've gotten from companies have been filled out.
      If you're uncomfortable with it,you can message ACBJD and ask them if they could get you a different one?
      Or else fill it out yourself? I doubt they want blank ones floating around..
    3. Dollzone sent out certificates looooooong ago where you had to write in the actual name of your doll (i.e. how you named them), nothing else.
      Generally a CoA is only worth much when it was actually filled out by the company though, so I second Fate and think you should contact ACBJD and see what they can do.
    4. I've had COAs from Chinese companies arrive to me blank. I guess sometimes they forget to fill it out. :sweat
    5. Yes, my COAs from places like Myou, Mystic Kids etc have all come blank ^^
    6. Resinsoul's come partially blank. Only the colour, head name and date is stamped into them. And the colour is really vuage. My aqua boy has "green" for his colour and he's most definitely NOT green which means his certificate doesn't look like it belongs to him. Likewise, my big ol' mismash of parts only has his face sculpt listed, not his body so it only confirms the head, nothing else.

      Totally blank seems unusual though. Like, there's absolutely nothing on it? That sounds like a really good way to have your certificates copied and pirated.
      But maybe they just don't think it's important, I mean, it's not like anyone would know if it was your handwriting or the company and most of them seem to use stamps anyway which give really bare info.
      I'd have to check my DC one, but I think that's just printed.
    7. Both of my new dolls from DZ arrived with blank coa cards. O.O And I'd have to check to know for sure, but I believe my DC ones were blank too.
    8. Thanks everyone. I did a look through the box opening thread and saw a few blanks. I also emailed Alice's and they informed me that Dikadoll certificates are for the owner to fill in. I panicked a bit, I think. I'll fill in Feng Ling's card, with his new name, Iago. ^_^