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Coco Tribe - 24.5cm girl and 21cm animals

Jan 27, 2008

    1. Some new tinies from Coco Tribe

      News (ordering info, scroll down there for photos):


      EDIT - Check the prices both places if you decide to buy. Website was much less when we looked.

      I think my favorite is Konniyaku - very cute girls.

      The girls' measurements are close to Bambicorny in the chest and waist, but their hips are 1.5cm larger than BC.

    2. I am not a fan I am afraid - I like the bodies except the arms are too long. I love the double joints. I think with different faceups I would like them more.
    3. Konniyaku is pretty cute~ X3 But I don't really like their animal tinies though. =/

      Btw, any idea what's with the difference in pricing between their dealer and main site? o.o;;
    4. Re the price difference - no idea! That's an outrageous difference. $110 at the website and $300 from the dealer? I think skip the dealer and buy from the website.

    5. I talked to Coco Tribe, and they said the woman on DoA was an authorized seller and that they hadn't set fixed prices for her. They suggested that maybe shipping was really high were the seller was, but that still seems like a huge difference.
    6. I would like to see what the body looks like
      like Carolyn ...I like Konniyaku ...and the COCO webs site take paypal

      I do like the knee joints ...but the feet look tiny ,and yes ..the arms too long
      and I know these would get to me ...the DollZone tiny has similar proportions ..and I just couldn't get used to them

      I think I would like to see one though

    7. Carolyn.S>> Yeah, the prices from the dealer looks a little too steep. >_<;; I checked the shipping rates on the website and it still doesn't exceed $200 for me. =/ Might just place an order after Valentine's Day or so. XD

      I just sent them an email asking for some pictures of the doll's bodies so hopefully we get a reply soon. :D It may take a while though, seeing that it's the Chinese New Year period over in China.