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Coco Tribe 5 new dolls are released [information update]

Jul 16, 2008

    1. The piggies, Patrick and Peter, also their outfits are now released on Kira Kira website.




      P.S. I know animal dolls need to be approved by moderators and hope these two piggies can be on-topic one day.

      Many Thanks.
    2. And the final animals of Coco Tribe are also released on Kira Kira website today.


      Thanks for looking:aheartbea
    3. Of the final 3 Coco Tribe anthros, only the rabbit has been approved. The others are under discussion. Thank you.
    4. the lady rabbit is sold with the 2 pairs of hears ?
    5. Do you have a picture of the white skin and normal skin rabbit next to each other?
      cute face on the rabbit!
    6. Sorry, the lady rabbit is sold with 1 paris of ears only.

      Since our comparative pictures of skintone has 1 off-topic animal, therefore I think I can't insert picture here directly, but you can still find the comparative picture in our website: http://kirakiraus.flowersunion.com/
      Click ---> FAQ --> Comparative pictures of Coco Tribe 17cm and 21cm body