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Coco Tribe New bunny Ricci is released and new site is opened!

Aug 16, 2009

    1. After working days by days, this new website of Kira Kira is finally finished! With this new order system, we hope we can provide better service to you, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave us a message!

      Here's the new url:

      At the same time, our new bunny Ricci is released!

      Here's a picture of Ricci:

      Ricci Twins Project is also coming soon, further details will be released soon!

      Thanks, have a nice day!
    2. Hi, we'd like to suggest you to find another buyer in the market place, so you can share this twins plan with him/her, thanks. =D
    3. Yes, basic skin color Ricci is including both the teeth and tongue (it's changeable) however, you can only get grey skin Ricci in special event (like in Twins project)
      The cow will be released in next week :D
    4. Junya, when will the girl outfits for the 17 and 21cm animals be restocked?
    5. 2 new animal girl outfits will be released in this week :D
    6. Is it possible to show what the Tan bunny looks like?
    7. Sorry, we don't have any tan bunny picture at this moment, but the color of tan resin will look like the picture below: