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Coco Tribe Piggies: Peter & Patrick

Jul 19, 2008

    1. Here's a disscussion thread for Coco Tribe piggies, Patrick and Peter and you can find out the details of them in Kira Kira website.


    2. I don't think these are on-topic...
    3. I think they are adorable, their little tails are really cute!! And the outfits are detailed. love them!!
    4. Temporarily closing this thread until I find out the mods position on if these dolls are on/off topic. Thanks

      In future please don't start discussions on dolls not on the on-topic list
    5. Reopening this thread as these dolls are on-topic for DoA
    6. Oh that is great!!! I can't wait for my little piggies to come home!

    7. I hadn't seen these yet!! Hmm maybe he can be my Alice Cherry Blossom's boyfriend :P
    8. I ordered one last month, and am waiting impatiently for them to send me a ship notice ^_^
    9. Pretty silly to assume they're off topic, they're resin BJDs ;-).

      But they are rather unique dolls made by that company! The bodies are cute sculpt IMO.
    10. Awww I rather like Peter. He would make an excellent boyfriend for an Alice Cherry Blossom. :D
    11. This post made me go back and check when I ordered- almost 7 weeks ago. When I emailed them they sent this letter:

      So sorry is to late to reply u>.<
      i already sent it
      the ems no.

      Really so sorry>.<

      If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.
      Many thanks. Have a nice day.

      Kira Kira

      The thing is..... the EMS number they sent isn't valid according to the EMS website. I emailed right back and am waiting for a reply. Has anyone been successful with working with KiraKira..... I just need some reasurance :S

      Junya emailed me with the RIGHT site to track it through- although they called it "EMS"- it was tracked through the HK Post website, not the EMS website. Either way.... I has a dolly in customs ^________^
    12. I was contemplating purchasing one of these piglets (Patrick to be exact) but they seem to have very long, flat faces (and I mean that in the most flattering way!!):)... Are there any pics to determine how they look profile-wise?
    13. I hope anyone who's making Patrick to be Alice Cherry Blossom's boyfriend take looots of pics of them! I want to see if they really fit eachother. :)
    14. I think he is super cute. :aheartbea
    15. I have never dealt with Kira Kira..BUT I have done business with part of their company...Roseline Dolls and clothes for over 6 years as a retailer and have found them to be a fine company to do business with...and reliable. They have been represented at Toy Fair in NYC for years....
      I understand that KiraKira is a part of the same company group....so I would feel safe buying from them.
    16. Sorry...that correct spelling is ROSALIND ....DUH...cannot spell anymore!!!
    17. My piggy arrived, but I have to admit I was less than impressed with their lack of order tracking (ordering is done via email, not on the site- so there is no trail of the order) and their lack of customer service. I won't be buying from them again, even though my pig is sweet. Also.... the factory faceup gave my boy piggy cat-eye eyeliner, so my "Patrick" is definitely a girl ^_^
    18. Sounds like you went through a lot, missmollymayhem... Very scary... How 'girly' does "Patrick" look? Was 'he' worth the money (and the worry)?
    19. I ordered one a while back and have not heard one word from them....this makes me nervous.....how long did it take to get yours? Do you like him/her?
    20. My Patrick came today and he is just as cute as he can be.....what a sweet face1