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Coco Tribe Special skin color event in Kira Kira!

Oct 3, 2009

    1. Hi everyone! During October 1st to 16th, you can order special skin color for all of the animals (including grey, mint and pink)!!

      This is a halloween event for Kira Kira only, check it out. enjoy!


      skin colors sample:
    2. Does the event extend to Rita and Faye? I see the skin colors listed in their drop-down lists.
    3. Yes,all coco tribe Doll~
    4. Hi! Are the special skin colors limited or will they be re-released?
    5. The website is showing up as nonexistent for me. I'm getting a 404 error. Anyone else?
    6. Kiyakotari, it seem to be working now )
    7. Do you get the teeth/tongue options when you buy just the cow head? I know the cow is off-topic, but I want to order the pig with the additional cow head.
    8. buy the head is included 2 of teeth and tongue

      the skin colour of mint and grey is limited.~have event to open~
    9. Skin color event
      Last 3 day already!
    10. Event Last day!!! hurry up~~^-^