Cocoriang Animals Discussion

Oct 23, 2016

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    1. Is Tobi also included?
    2. No he's not included :) Only Peppi and Ruppe.
    3. Oh, thank you! That aside, Peppi and Ruppe are both too cute! I'm definitely considering adding one or both to my collection, though I might consider hybriding Ruppe somehow, as the body is too bunny-like for him for my taste. I hope to lurk around here for pictures soon. ;)
    4. [​IMG]
      Got my Peppi (and Tobi) last weeekend on LDoll <3 The staff at the Cocoriang table was super adorable and it was probably the hardest decision of my life to decide wich Peppi to buy, hahaha. But I'm super happy with him. He's a great poser and looks so cute on ALL pictures...
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    5. Is there an option somewhere on their website to check your order? I'm wondering if maybe I am just not seeing it.
    6. They sell trough Etsy to. I don't know what's is recommended (?)
    7. These dolls are just the cutest <3 I love how minimal the anthropomorphizing is, they still look very much like animals rather than humans with animal features. They remind me of beatrix potter's illustrations and give me a very nostalgic feeling :3nodding: I definitely want to get a Ruppe somewhere down the line!
    8. Anyone know what the wait time is like for these guys? My order is coming up on 2 months, and there is no place to check your order history/status on the website *_*
    9. Those are absolutely precious! I think I need to look into getting one or two myself. Bunnies have recently become a new love of mine.
    10. Mine too, but I sent her a PM and she said they should go out in the next two weeks. She responded very promptly to my PM on Etsy.
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    11. I would love to get a grey Tobi =) But sadly they are only 2 face-plates for him... i want all 3 faces >.<
    12. If I remember right, their website says it takes anywhere between 45-to-60 business days, plus two week if you ordered a face-up. I really do wish there was a way to check the status on their website
    13. Sorry for the double post, but Cocoriang just changed the shipping process. This posted on the site yesterday:

      Great news for those ordering blanks. But looks like i still have a long wait for my full-set
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    14. I actually ordered the wedding dress for my Peppi, so I'm definitely going to post pictures when it arrives
    15. ooh awesome! I haven't seen owner pictures of that outfit yet, I look forward to your pictures! :3nodding:
    16. She's finally here!


      I thought about getting her with open eyes, but the Year of Bless promo pictures really made me fall in love with the sleepy eyes. I'm glad I went with that sculpt. She has such a sensitive expression. The clothes are also quite nice! Her dress is very soft. My brother jokes that I need to get her a groom.
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    17. Ooh how sweet! I really adore the sleepy eyes, :D
    18. ahhhhhh does anyone know the wait time for cocoriang?
      I ordered one on my birthday back in october! But i wasn't sure if it would be one month + one week for a peppi with faceup or if it's actually two months + two weeks with faceup??