Preorder [CODENOiR] August, 2017 Newsletter & Pre-Order

Aug 9, 2017

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      August 2017 newsletter has been released!
      CODENOiR presents our new Crossover Project Doll with Aimerai and SIO2 - White & Cream Sailor Ducky!
      This month we also have a new collection of casual clothing for the hot summer.
      Come and check it out now! [​IMG]

      Link: CODENOiR Sales Agents Info - August 2017
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    2. The duckies are so cute, especially the cream one! Is it possible to know what body they're on?
    3. based on the measurements given I believe it's the 1/4 Girl Body - MFB03 by aimerai (link) ^^
    4. Bingo :) They are using Aimerai 's Big Baby bodies :)