Preorder [CODENOiR] July 2020 Newsletter

Jul 8, 2020

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      CODENOiR July 2020 newsletter has been released!

      This month CODENOiR introduces a new collection of clothing and shoes for Obitsu11 and other dolls of similar size.
      The first outfit of our OB11 series is a cute Kitty Boy set, available in two colours.
      The classy Fold Over Boots are designed and handmade by our partnering artist, MG2 Plus.

      New colours - Wine Red & Navy have been added to our line-up of the popular Bunny Ears & Shirt Set.
      The matching slim pants are also now available in white.

      Come and check it out now! :D

      CODENOiR Sales Agents Info - July 2020
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