Preorder [CODENOiR] June, 2017 Newsletter & Pre-Order

Jun 9, 2017

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      June 2017 newsletter has been released!
      CODENOiR presents a new collection of simple and fresh outfits for this warm season~
      The popular sailor high heels are also now available in MSD size.
      Come and have a look now! :lol:

      Link: CODENOiR Sales Agents Info - June 2017
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    2. Will the sailor high heels be available in all 5 colors for MSD-size? All that's listed is White, Navy, and Cherry, but not Black and Teal.
    3. Hi Wolfie, after checked with CODENOiR, all 5 colors high heels are available for MSD size. The Black and Teal 's pre-order should be on Jul, 2017.

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    4. Awesome! Thank you for the notice!
    5. You are welcome <3 have a nice day :)
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