Collaborations You Want to See

Apr 7, 2020

    1. I've seem a couple of artists and companies collaborate to make a new doll. Then I got to thinking, is there one I would like to see? What about the community; is there a collaboration effort you would to see between two companies or an artist and a company?
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    2. I thought the collab between Twigling and Magic Mirror was awesome! I love so many artist dolls!

      But a collaboration between two of my faves - Atelier Momoni & Merrydollround would be super cool. Both have incredible dolls with amazing posing! But I guess their aesthetics are quite different, so it would be an interesting combo.
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    3. Sweet Gale + Crobidoll
      Miracledoll + DreamValley
      Ramcube + Switch
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    4. For many, many years I have been wishing for Japanese doll maker Koitsukihime to do a collaboration with a BJD company and create (affordable) resin dolls. My wallet would be in big trouble if my wish should ever come true!! >__<
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    5. Takashi Murakami has collaborated with Louis Vuitton, Uniqlo and other companies. It would be amazing to see what he could do working with, say, Volks or Doll Chateau.
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    6. IslandDoll and OfButterfliesNThings (Arwen). I love the Rubenesque body, and it works very well for a plus-size BJD. IslandDoll made Dove and Noah who are slightly chubby boys, and I think if they made chubbier boy head and Arwen made a plus-size guy body, it would be the perfect heavier dude. We need more of those! (Or if Dollsbe just made Pumpkin in 1/3 scale would also be awesome.)

      For non-doll brands collab....Volks and Nintendo. How cool would SD17 Link be? Or Dollfie Princess Peach or Rosalina? Even just a doll totally decked out in Nintendo merch would be adorable.
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    7. I mean it already happened, so this is hoping for a rerelease....but I would love for more of the Mo Dao Zu Shi + Ringdoll collaboration BJDs to be released again. I know it's the longest of long shots, but it's impossible to find those boys on the aftermarket....sigh.

      Volks and Nintendo would be really cute! I'm envisioning little Animal Crossing villager onesies for Yo-SD....
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    8. I'm not into actually seeing new dolls be popped out at the moment but I would love to see more doll related items. Particularly outfits, I would love to see my favorite clothing brands collab with doll companies. I would love if Sou-Sou would collab with Nine9 Style and Long Ears and Sharp Ears with AngellStudio. It would also be kinda cool if Ikea would collab with a doll company to make some cool furniture and decor. I know these aren't DollxDoll companies collabs or Doll CompanyxArtist but....I think it would be awesome. Now if only Twinings would collab with the doll companies that run cafes along with their shops....
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    9. I wish more lolita brands would collab with doll companies! Most BJD lolita dresses from popular companies, like Baby the Stars Shine Bright, are quite old now and hard to find. (I'd KILL for those old btssb kamikaze girls dolls/outfits to be rereleased )
      Angelic Pretty has collaborated with Groove for Pullip/Byul/etc dolls, but I much prefer BJDs over fashion dolls. I'm sure the groove dresses could fit some very small BJDs, but wouldn't it be great to see more options? I want the honeycake JSK for BJD!
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    10. I don't think that this collaboration will ever happen but Volks x Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb :D I'd love to see the characters of my favorite book series made into resin dolls - especially Kennit as an SD17 pirate and Amber as an SD KyoTenshi!
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    11. As a Final Fantasy series admirer, I would love to see a Final Fantasy collaboration between Square Enix and perhaps one of these BJD companies: Angell Studio, Loong Soul, Ring Doll, Telesthesia Doll, Soom. :D
      There are many unique characters (for example Sephiroth, Kuja, The Emperor, Cecil,...) with their beautiful costumes they could choose from all the Final Fantasy worlds. So many possibilities... :kitty2
      But I guess this official dolls will only happen in my dreams. ;)
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