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Collect ABJD along a theme or rainbow assortment?

Apr 18, 2009

    1. There are now so many sizes and makes of dolls available compared to when I started in 04, and there are so many more ways to develop a collection, but almost all of us have limited resources to acquire.

      So, I'm wondering how many people find themselves gravitating toward the same thing again and again. Or do you like to have a little bit of everything (size, company, skin color, realistic vs. anime type).

      Do you have a theme to your collection? I'm not talking 'I'll keep collecting till I have all my personal characters done', but a type of doll you keep gravitating back to. Do you ever smack yourself and think 'darn I just got another one of those'?

      I think I have a little bit of everything. Except I've sworn off any more minis and I don't like tanned resin.

      As I play with my latest a SD13 girl 4 sisters in old resin, I find myself acquiring dolls that remind me of my first an AR Kai: more anime faces, pointy chin and noses, definitely more doll like than realistic, although I have some of those too...

      Important groupings to me:

      Boys: (I have a dozen dolls and only 4 girls)

      Dolls that remind me of Kai: Kai, BF Jerome, old FCS F14, Nashya, Tohya, Elf Shiwoo

      Lucai: Sch A and Masha

      Volks discontinued dolls: old FCS F-14, Nashya, SD13 4 sisters/F10/F25

      So what are your themes?
    2. Well, I collect a little bit of everything together with my mother, but there are definitely 'types' we're attracted to:

      Grumpy girls: AR Diana, Leeke Bijou, PW Morimoth, SD Metel, FL Marcia

      Elves, demons & Sidhe: DZ Wing, Pupapa Safi, CP DES, CP VDES, CP Juri A, BC Elf Lullabye Lotti, BC Elf Kumi, BC purple Kiera, CP Na-nu-ri 2007 on Feeple body, Soom Sard, Volks F30 SD13 Sunlight

      Anime & cute: AR Kai, Volks F09, DZ Ani twins, BF Kyle, Volks Nana SD13, FG Tiny Lii, tiny Near, Volks Yuh, DZ Meigi

      (semi) realistic: Unoa Lusis, Sist, B-el, L-bi, DS Hound, Volks Amakusa Shiro Tokisada, Ninidoll Bada
    3. I think mine are both - meaning I have different styles but I have groups of different styles

      All boys

      Volks - Lucas/ F16 Groupie, Cecile/F17 Groupie
      MSD - Tiny Fairy
      Yo- LittleFee and Yo Boys
      Soom MD
      DS- Bermann and Hound
    4. I find I am settling into about 2 in each size range. Especially with SD, any more than two and I feel antsy and sell-happy. I have two 1/6, two SD, working on my second MSD, and then want two different-sized tinies. I figure I can get the best of all sizes without flailing to try and clothe them all.
    5. Almost all of my dolls bar a couple, follow the theme of elf. Even if the moulds are not naturally elf (B&G Aurora, Bobobie Cookie, MNF Ruth), they become elf. However, if I can get an elf I will always opt for the elf (AoD You, AoD Wan-Wan, Obitsu Pixy, Puki, OrientDoll Vampire) in any way possible.
      Most of my dolls/planned dolls (its only about three that are not) are male or mostly male.
      I appear to have amassed several dolls who are completely lacking in the hair department.
      I keep going back to Obitsu, Bobobie and CP (not delf or feeple) moulds. Owner of three obitsu and may get two more, own four bobobie cast dolls and may get two more, own four CP dolls (two puki, two minifee) have one (littlefee face) coming and have plans for maybe three more (one littlefee, two minifee). I also oft drift back to AoD moulds too (own one, have two coming and plan for two more). This does not mean that I limit myself though, I do purchase dolls from all sorts of companies.
      I do not follow height though. Height between characters but not strict height (some of my dolls of the same race who are meant to be the same height are actually spread between large and tiny moulds, maybe I'll add a couple of minis to that one day)
      Hope I am along the right lines there ^^;
    6. Magical girls. And steampunk. Possibly both together. Fullsets are often my downfall, when styled either of those two ways... (As evidenced by my Shimy, a Cherishdoll Eileen fullset styled as a witchy schoolgirl)

      I also have mostly girls, but that's not surprising at all--even when writing I tend to have mostly female casts, so it figures it would translate over into my dolls.

      I also keep coming back to Souldoll, which my first girl was from--though I haven't picked up a second Soulkid yet, I'm sure I will, it's just a matter of when and which one. I really love most of their mini sculpts (and several of their SDs too~). This is sort of ironic because it took me almost a year and a half to become sure of my first doll (I could not get a character to stick to her), but now that I'm pleased with her...well, I always loved the detail of her sculpting, so more Souldolls for me~
    7. I totally adore my ResinSoul boys - especially my 70cm Long. I think if I had the money I think I would have one in every resin colour ResinSoul makes! My next purchase will probably be a RS Lian. That said my current collection of 4 consists of a tiny (boy), two MSD (boy & girl), 70SD (boy).
    8. I'm kind of all over the place. I originally intended only to have minis and to only have boys, but I have minis and SDs and 1 tiny and my boys and girls are close to evenly split now. I have dolls from a variety of makers--partly because I need a lot of them to represent specific characters, and I couldn't do that if I only bought dolls from just a few companies. I do really like Bobobies and have 4 of them and I also have 3 Ninodoll hybrids--I suppose they're the companies that repeat the most out of all my guys. My first doll was an AR LF, and at one time I had wanted to get more, but that hasn't happened yet, even though I do like their sculpts a lot. There are just so many dolls to choose from now, that many I intended to get at one time have fallen by the wayside. If I were to group them it would be more by storyline than type, though I suppose the dolls that fall more into my fantasy storyline are pretty well across the board more stylized. My human storyline is more of a mix styles.
    9. well... I do have a naming theme, but that doesn't count.

      I have characters and the molds are decided to fit those characters. (my own characters btw)
      I do have two 'factions' though.

      the 'aristocrats'
      Megami, Kami, Tenshi en Akuma are part of the aristocrat storyline. They are all tighly related to eachtother (kami and megami are engaged but not in love, tenshi is Kami's daughter and Akuma his butler/smutpartner)

      the 'vampires':
      Kyuuketsuki and Seishin are both vampires. Seishin is Kyuuketsuki's maker.

      Akuma and Megami are both limhwa's because they have to look sort of the same. Kami is a Soom because I loved the mold, tenshi a mnf, because I love minifee's.

      Kyuuketsuki was an impuls buy and Seishin is a Souldoll Chiron because of the right attitude of the mold.
    10. I think of my big dolls as being members of a theatrical troop and I buy dolls that are totally different from each other, so that I can portray a variety of characters. I guess I fall into the "rainbow assortment" kind of collector. I buy tiny dolls just because I like their faces with no plan at all.
    11. Mine are themed pretty much according to height and style. Most are tall (65 to 70cm), and fit well together as a group of characters.

      I do have a few odd-balls, a couple of slim minis, an anthro and one tiny, and I am working on a minimee project, who will probably be a stand alone doll.

      But, the largest part of my doll family is Dollshe and DM Models, who all look good together, have a similar slenderness and level of realism.
    12. I want all of my dolls to look like they belong to the same world. None of them should be disproportionate, too realistic or too stylized in relation to the others. This is my most crucial criteria for my doll planning.

      For instance, I like Supia Roda, a mature, somewhat realistic, and small-headed mold. But that road was closed to me as soon as I decided to go with SNG Javi, a child-like, fairly stylized and big-headed mold. Had I chosen Roda instead, I might be considering Limhwa half-elf and Soom Sard right now. But because I chose Javi, I got K-Doll Kill_U 1st and I'm planning Volks f-16 next.

      I actually think of f-16 as my median point, style-wise. When I consider a doll, I always think to myself "Would this look good with f-16?"

      Edit: Oh, and I guess my theme is "normal human" or "doll-like" - I don't go for vampires, elves, or other supernatural creatures. I like them, but they wouldn't fit in. I might make an exception for an elf with ears small enough to hide under a wig.

      Also, with the exception of Liz, all the dolls that I'm considering are male. BL fangirl syndrome, yes? :3
    13. I just noticed that all the scuplts that I go crazy over are sculpted by the same person
      Akihiro Enku (anais/f06, lucai, four sisters):D

      I also love SD and MSD Mika molds but they were sculpted but someone else, Noboru Ohashi. I have no idea why but I just love the aesthetics of the older volks mold.

      all my dolls are girls too
    14. I don't have any dolls yet but as it stands at the moment I seem to mostly gravitate toward Korean doll companies if that's a theme :) But for actual theme all my dolls seem to have a "y" somewhere in their name or nickname. It wasn't originally planned it just worked out that way.
    15. Interesting question! I actually had to stop and think about the trends in my collection.

      I suppose I find myself drawn to serious-/pouty-looking dolls, really. Mostly boys (MigiDoll Miho and Yuri, DM Kara Klum, Soom Namu, CP dreaming El, DoC T.Too, Leeke Eiden, SD JinWoo, CP Chiwoo Elf vamp mod), though I do have some girls who are also pouty-looking (CP Elf Ttory, DoT I-Ra, NinoDoll Iz, DoC Elf Petsha, CP Juri'05). I can't say that I'm particulaly faithful to any one company.

      And looking at my wishlist, pretty much all the dolls on there are serious-looking molds as well. I only have 3 dolls who look smiley/happy! (CP Elf Yder vamp mod, DoC Si, FL Nanuri'08). What does that say about me?? *lol* :lol:

      I do have mostly NS dolls, though I have 2 WS with plans for another. Resin color depends on the charater for me. And I would love to have some tan skin ones, but there's only one mold so far that will fit my plans (and is more or less attainable).

      But I'm not smacking myself over it at all. I love my pouty boys. :) :aheartbea
    16. all my dolls will be/are realistic sculpts with bodies in the 70-80cm range and 14mm eyes.

      I love the look of and have had a more stylised doll but it bothered me seeing him with my more realistic doll because they sort of ... clashed. so I decided to go for realistic, there are a more realistic dolls I like than I do stylised

      if I had unlimited resources then yeah theres a few dolls I would like that don't fit that criteria, and who knows if I ever get rich I might have a few just for pretties, but they would have to sit in a different room on their own lol
    17. Does the answer "characters in my fictional works" count as a theme?

      Because all of my dolls are based off of pre-existing characters. Almost all of them are mine, though I do have a few (five planned, total, but not all owned yet) that will be "incarnations" of the main characters from a television show I loved when I was younger, and still enjoy. All of the others are my own characters, from novellas and novels I have written or am writing.

      EDIT: I thought about this some more and identified a few trends in my doll collecting. I don't think they're "themes," but they're things I definitely do (or don't do, as the case may be). See the list below.

      1) I do not collect 1/4 scale dolls. I collect some of the 23-27cm dolls, but I mostly prefer dolls in the 1/3 scale, between the heights of 57cm and 70cm.
      2) I tend to buy dolls in spurts.
      3) Most of my dolls (male and female) have male head sculpts. Of all the female dolls I own so far (and plan to own), only two of them will actually have heads that were originally intended to be female - all the rest are male heads on female bodies. I do have one female faceplate, as well, as an alternate head for one of my male 26cm dolls.
      4) I like doll parts. There's really no other way to describe it. I have drawers dedicated to parts, things like feet and hands and legs and torsos, and those drawers are overflowing.
      5) I require clear delineation between my different groups of doll-characters, and while some of them may share bodies across these group boundaries (Wren and Zsuzsa come to mind - they have different heads and are different characters, but share a body), the groups do not interact with one another in my mind or in my photography or writing. They are separate.
      6) I'm very picky about relative character sizes within the doll-character groups. This includes both height and body type and girth, etc.
    18. Hmm... I'm still saving, but eventually I'll have two groups, three if you count pukis. A family consisting of LittleFees and MiniFees, and group of Bobobie spirits in assorted colors. And the pukis will consist of an odd assortment of my mother's and my dolls getting into everything. ;)
    19. Themes I keep coming back to:

      Dreaming sculpts. Most of the time when I'm head over heels over some doll it's the dreaming version or a 'normal' sculpt. Three of my own dolls are dreaming as well and Peroth's eyes are very small too.

      Dolls with slightly open mouths. Three of my dolls and several of the dolls on my wishlist have them.

      Grumpy faces. Especially when they are girls!

      Semi-realistic but still very much 'doll'. No MNM's for me.

      and the most important one for me: They have to be difficult to obtain. I sold both dolls I bought directly from the company, because I got them too easily. A big part of the 'bonding-process' for me is the hunt for a doll, because it makes me realize how much I want it.

      EDIT: Oh, and a big theme along my dolls is (if you could call it a 'theme') that they all have to have different bodies. I don't like two dolls to have the same body, especially when they aren't identical twins.
    20. Interesting questions...

      I don't really have a main theme, they're all from different companies, I have a variety of girls and boys, and they're not all a part of the same storyline. Some are older, some are newer, some are LE, others are arthouse made, and so forth. I'd say the only thing they have in common is that they're 1/3 scale and I do their faceups. :)

      My first two, Hito (SD10 Megu) and Ryuu (CP El) are more youthful. Whereas the next few I'm waiting for/have planned are more realistic and mature looking: Limwha Half-Elf, Soom Io (scarface and open-eyed), Buddydoll Isabel, and Supia Rosy. My Limwha Half-Elf is probably the only tanned doll I'll have unless other skintones become available in the future for Isabel and Rosy. I'm thinking about getting Isabel in WS, but I haven't totally decided yet.

      I suppose thematically though, I am moving away from younger looking dolls. For a number of years I really wanted a Musedoll Ciel to be a big sister to Hito, but then I realized that Hito fills much of that need for a youthful female doll.