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Collecting dolls only when they go with your main doll

Dec 8, 2009

    1. When i buy dolls the key criteria that i use when purchasing one is to see if they end up looking good with my modded dollmore kid aiden, if not then they are re-homed immediately. I can't even think of keeping a doll that didn't look perfect with him; this makes looking for new dolls and buying them a longer and more arduous process. I would like to hear stories from people that have this same method of doll collecting and how they go about collecting and stories within this topic.

      If this topic has been brought up before then feel free to move it where it fits best. I believe it has but it might not have been this specific. I'm interested in input from people that follow this method of collecting only :)
    2. Well, my first doll definitely set my scale in stone. If it was not proportional to my (slightly shorter) 60cm SD, they're going. I've gone through far more dolls than I would care because they did not fit that scale.
    3. Like Verse, my first doll also set the scale for most of the rest of mine... The vast majority of my dolls are purchased to fit with stylistically and scale-wise the first one. (The remaining ones are fantasy dolls that are making up their own original "family" but still fit with one another.)
    4. I cheated a bit on this, though it is something that is quite relevant to me. I have two size groups. One is all Mecha Angels, the other is 'everybody else'. The first group is obviously easy enough to keep unified, but the second can be a little more tricky.
    5. I have issues with this too. :sweat Which makes things rather difficult as I have a few favorite styles of dolls, but can't manage to get myself to buy the ones I love at the moment because I worry they won't go with my other doll or else have trouble keeping the doll if they don't go well together.

      I love ones like Volks SD Kun, Volks MSD Enn & Volks MSD Toppi - the big 'duck-lipped', big round nosed, wide-headed dolls. But I also like the ones with the 'flatter', more Asian faces like Volks SD Megu/Sara/Kira/Nana/Four Sisters/F-01, Volks SD Kurumi/Volks SD Miruku, Volks MSD F-07 & Volks MSD F-18, etc.

      But I just can't for the life of me get some of my other likes/loves. :doh For example, I've been wanting a Volks SD Carol, Volks SD Luna or Volks MSD Mihmi (all have similar eye shapes), but I just can't do it because their eyes look too almond-y shaped compared to my other likes. *_* My mind just screams: "NO!!! These won't go together, don't get them!!!", then the rational side of my head says, "Well, what if you get them and keep them seperated? Keep them stored on different sides of the room, never take pictures of them together... Would that work?", other side of mind, "I don't know... :(".

      *Sighs* It is quite the problem.
    6. I love a lot of the minifees, but the boys especially look so small compared to the average MSD (or even the "larger mature" minis like my older Soulkid girl and my Cherishdoll girl), so I think the only MNF boys I'll end up with are my short anyway twins--and maybe hybrid some heads onto taller and/or wider bodies... I'm most worried about scaling within groups of characters--for example MNF Ruth would make a nice Miroku but I don't think any of the smaller girls would work for Sango's sculpt...and another male character who's supposed to be of similar height is set as a DIM Ace who is one of the tallest mini boys :O

      But in general, most of my planned dolls are in the mini + yo scale (minis as adults/older teens, yos are generally eight-to-ten year olds, and I have a whole system for scaling for age vs. relative height and width for everyone else), with a few dolls in SD scale that will be in the same world...just posed very carefully in photostories to minimize their gigantic-ness in comparison to the minis. I also have a humongous wishlist/"castlist" so chances are whomever I get will work as /someone/ but maybe not the character I intended them to be... (which is also very frustrating because I plan to buy certain characters at certain times for photostory purposes and if they don't work as that particular character it could delay story progression)
    7. I try to. I had two SD sized dolls before Mecha Angels came out, and they all were different sizes (60cm, 70cm and 80cm), they didn't look good together, they couldn't share outfits, not even most shoes, it just wasn't working. So I got another Mecha Angel and sold the other two (including my Hound, my first BJD ever) and swore to stick to one size only. Yeah right! I was doing fine till the EIDs came out and I again have two different sizes :roll: I pretend they are the same scale guys, some tall and skinny, some short and muscular. But I am still looking for someone in between the two so they all go together more seamlessly (if that makes any sense)... We might have a DSAM32s Saint joining eventually, tying everyone together :)
    8. I DEFINATELY do this lol. It's rough on the wallet too. I'm actually really happy with my current group though. Though Jensen's face being a little wider than Gav's still kinda bugs me. First thing I look for in the doll is definately the size cos after having a 70cm, I won't do them anymore cos it was horrible trying to find clothes I liked. I always worry about head proportions too cos one of my 'dream dolls' was a lati kahn and I never had a lati doll before and I was oblivious to the fact that their heads are tiiiiiiny! So needless to say, he didn't fit in with any of the other dolls I had at the time and he sadly just didn't work out.
    9. I use very strict criteria when searching for a proper doll and the height is the one of them. I'm bothered even not about overall size but about centimeters because I want my dolls to be in scale like real people are.
    10. I worry about this- height and scale of all my dolls together, and also their faces- do they all look like they could be similar ages (this is particually important to me, as I collect mature MSD's, and I need them to look mature!) So if they don't fit with Indigo, they don't work for me.
    11. I also want my dolls to be in scale. I'm struggling with this a bit right now as I'm planning a potential love interest for my original 58cm Elfdoll and am totally in love with Iplehouse's EIDs, but am worried they will look extremely odd together. I'm not buying him for ages, though, so I guess I have time to agonize awhile longer. Meanwhile, her roommate, who is half on her way already, will be another 60cm girl, with a similarly-sized head, I think, so they should work fine together. I hope.
    12. I've been wanting to get a Resinsoul Mei for awhile, but her body is really spindly and I can't see her fitting in with my other dolls proportionwise. It's a tough call. I guess I'm just a strickler for things matching together perfectly...
    13. While I like my dolls to be 'in scale' to a point, a set group size or style isn't a concern for me. I usually ask myself "Will this doll fit into my story line?" and if it does I generally don't care what the size of the doll is. For example, the main character Anna (DOD E-an) is 60cm, one of her best friends is a 24cm faun (SOOM Glot), and her love interest is a 70cm grey skinned Dark Fae (Souldoll Chiron). Since she can interact with a world that supports creatures of mythological and fantasy, as long as the doll appeals to me and I can think of a role for it to play in the story, there is no concern for a certain size, shape, color, or style.
    14. I'm the total opposite--I want to have all kinds of sizes and faces. I see no point in buying the same doll 5 times. Obviously I want them all to be able to share things (shoes, wigs) amongst each other to some extent, but as for having the same look? Booooring.

      Real people don't all look the same, so why should my dollzzz?
    15. I collect what I like, although in the beginning I had mostly 60 cm sized boys and then one or two dolls in smaller or larger sizes that didn't fit in, but now that I have more dolls in all size ranges a new doll usually fits in with one or two other dolls that I already have.
      I try to get similar looks for dolls who are "related". I won't match up a CP El and a Unidoll Ark to be twins or let a Dollmore Banji be the father of a 57 cm Limhwa girl (although those combinations could be interesting), but they remain dolls and they come in different sizes, shapes and colours. I like a bit of everything. ;)
    16. Size is not important to me, but skintone is. All of my dolls are tan. I love Bobobie's dark tan and Planetdoll's tan. I will soon have 7 different sculpts in 2 colors of tan from 45cm to my smallest of 15cm. I tend to color coordinate their clothes for group shots. The colors for Christmas are burgundy, black and ecru with gold accents.
    17. I'm a bit like this, but I have a different way of going about my own "proportion standards."

      I'd go out of my mind if I tried to match every doll. I fear I would limit myself if I did that, so instead I have multiple sets planned. Each set will have dolls of comparable height and face sculpts that compliment each other. I don't want them to look identical by any means, though... and unless two dolls are siblings, I don't want to order from the same company twice.

      My goal is to have sets of dolls in all different sizes from different companies. As a whole, they might not go together, but the dolls in each group look great together. :D
    18. I do try to make them match my first doll... but it depends on which ones =P

      Like right now I am getting a MNF shiwoo, but he will have nothing to do with Meredith'S story so I do not mind the height difference.

      But if one has something to do with his story.... I will try to make them match... its quite difficult to do xP
      Even more when I start looking for dolls that have about the same face structure D<

      I try to do it but in the end I just go my way and get what I want as its just too complicated xD
    19. My dolly plans are kind of like this. Only, instead of them all matching my first doll... they're all going to match the first doll I get for their story. For example... right now I have Sanyu who is an MSD. I'm getting her mother, from the same story, in MSD size because of this. I wouldn't even look at SDs for her.

      However on my wishlist I have a character who is DEFINITELY a LittleFee... so the others in her story are going to be SD sized because I think they'd be more in proportion with her.

      That sort of thing.
    20. I have the same concerns, but mine are very loosely size-based. I created an "urban fairytale" for my dolls to interact in. So they're all from the same neighborhood...or dimensions of the same neighborhood, and they're all fantasy based. Extreme diversity is very important to me since none of them are related. One is a robot (slim mini), one is a ghost girl (MSD), One is an Anthro (tiny), one is a yo-sized cartoon character(pokemon trainer), one is a very tiny pixy (pukifee). To me, these are all magical creatures anyone could find in their immediate neighborhood if they only took the time to look hard enough.:lol: But while they're all different, and from different companies too, they have to be in the "MSD or smaller" catagory in order not to overwhelm one another. Every time I see a gorgeous SD, I am saddened because I know it's a no-go for me.:(