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Colorful Choices: Which CB Kiera is your favorite?

Jun 24, 2008

  1. Light Pink

  2. Skyblue

  3. Light Purple

  4. Lightcyan

  5. Peach Puff

  6. Floral White

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    1. Just like the last release, I think there should be a poll for color popularity for this colored elf. Misty Blue held a strong lead last time, but lets see who pulls out in front this year!

      Vote for your favorite color then tell us a bit why it tickled your fancy so. I also added the regular skin colors to open discussion as to why you may not have chosen a color.

      Please no elven color bashing. :lol:


      I chose Light Pink not only because of it's closeness to the original Misty Rose, but because I knew she would make a beautifull pink Amaryllis. The pink Amaryllis is one of my favorite flowers. I was really torn between that and making a lovely water nymph, but the skyblue was just a little too bright for me.
    2. The Lightcyan......just because I love green!!!! I also think the pink is sweet!!!! I love the colors anyway!
    3. I really love the Light Cyan...I like that her color is softer than the Skyblue or the Lavender and if there are problems with yellowing I'm hoping it will not show as much. I think the color is just beautiful. I want to put the blue wings on her.

      My second favorite is the Peach Puff. And if a bag of money falls into my lap I'll order the Pink fairy.
    4. sadistic_x_blood: Thank you for setting up the poll!

      I finally completed my order for Light Cyan; it took me all day. The pastel tone attracted me the most. Second choice Floral White and third is Light Pink. The other colors, at least on my monitor are intense--where's my sunglasses! LOL! My little green elf--that's who I'm waiting for now.
    5. I am tempted by all of the colors--probably cyan the most, but I am just too nervous about color issues so I chose peach puff.
    6. im wanting the pink... but cyan comes very very close to what i want too... theyre all very cute, but alike.. im scared of the color change :/
    7. Now you're all tempting me with light cyan! Ugh! Now I'm going to have to chose! :...( Naughty people!

      I kept just seeing the cyan as green so I skipped over it, but now I can see the aqua/aquamarine tones in her skin. Such a lovely color. I'm just afraid that if she does yellow, that she would become even more green.
    8. Nothing wrong with a green fairy. ;) I really like the light cyan too, not that I will be getting one, I look forward to seeing owner pics. Also like the pink, peach puff and floral white. So pretty.
    9. Actually, that's why I chose Light Cyan--since she's starting off with a touch of green, it might disguise the yellowing; which sounds like it's inevitable for French resin. I just hope her yellowing won't be blotchy... She'll be my first colored fairy (elf)!
    10. I think that's why they made her green, so people couldn't complain about her turning green. :lol: I think I'm still going to go with the pink, though. I just can't resist her sweet rosey tone.
    11. I ordered the purple.
      I did consider the cyan. It is a wonderful color. But I so like purple. So it won
    12. *sigh* Yes, the light pink color IS also pretty. I'm sure I'll eventually want someone in light pink... hey BC, are you reading this?--hint hint!
    13. I ordered the purple, since it's the one that's significantly different from my original three colored elves. If the skyblue had been more blue and less aqua, it would have been a tougher choice.
    14. Well, I'm not getting any, because I just got myself an adorable MistyBlue Elf Pepe, but if I would need to pick one, I'd be torn between LightPink and LightCyan. SkyBlue looks way too strong to me. And Purple - I wish it was less solid color, to give more room for French resin to "transluce" :D

      But between pink and cyan, it'd be a hard choice. Cyan looks very close to the color my Pepe has now and I love that color. But pink is so delicate and seems to be the most "see-through". Besides, it'll probably go a bit peachy if it starts yellowing, that'd be SO pretty! :)
    15. The Skyblue is really really strong. However, it was growing on me for a while. I was tempted to buy one and name her Navi. :lol: If you know where that's from I love you. I still can't get over the pink no matter how many times I'm swayed in the other direction.
    16. Lightcyan, I love green and her face-up is just too pretty! I wish I had money to order her!
    17. :lol:
    19. I love the white because it makes me think of snow fairies :D